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Toronto Banquet, Reception and Event Venue Hall

Live Your Dream Event

Live the Event of Your Dreams With Our Help

Whenever you’re planning an event, you have this perfectly curated vision in your mind that creates a euphoric sensation throughout your body every time you think about it. The feelings are so real that It’s almost as if you've already lived this special celebration. At Claireport Place, we are ambitious to work with your vision and recreate your dream event so that you could actually LIVE IT and experience this joyous feeling in reality. Our dedicated team, from management and service staff to culinary artists, are all in the business of turning your blissful dreams into beautiful memories; memories that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.




The Banquet of Your Dreams – Claireport Place Banquet and Convention Centre in Toronto

If you’ve always dreamed of having a magnificent event in the best venue possible, then this is it! Claireport Place Banquet and Convention Centre is fully equipped and ready to serve your celebration needs. Let us be the canvas for your painting of a beautiful and memorable celebration.

At Claireport Place, we maintain high standards throughout every aspect of our business. One glance at the exterior and you will be mesmerized by the timeless architecture inspired by the European Renaissance. Give your guests an experience of grand luxury that they will remember.

And once you move inside, you will be welcomed with an equally refreshing take on the details. It does not matter if you invite 50 guests or 1000, our facilities are ready to serve them with equal grace and attentiveness. With carefully designed elements that suit all kinds of events, from wedding receptions to galas and corporate events, we make sure your celebrations never go unnoticed.



Complete Package Event Venue

With over 30 years of experience in serving guests with renowned food and hospitality, we have learned what it takes to establish a first-rate event venue. It’s not just about having a great place; it’s about a wonderful experience within this great place that leaves you and your guests feeling special. For us, the events business is not a job – it’s passion that got us into this business; it’s the same passion that keeps us moving forward, getting better, and loving what we do!

That’s why we offer full 360 degree packages that provide our clients with complete satisfaction. From the lighting and decor to the delicious international menu, we cover every checklist to give you absolute peace-of-mind when planning your celebration.

Why deal with the added stress of arranging and coordinating catering for your event? Our catering menu is filled with special cuisines from all over the world, allowing you to offer your guests a unified dining experience. It includes Italian, Portuguese, North American, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, West Indian, Caribbean, South Asian and Sri Lankan flavours prepared by some of the best chefs in the region. All of our ingredients are fresh and come from the most reputable suppliers in the business. With our vast offerings, you are sure to find something to delight your appetite.

Our multi-event venues and reception halls are just 10 minutes away from the Toronto Pearson International Airport. And being 25 minutes away from downtown Toronto with plenty of parking, your guests will find the commute and arrival to be very convenient.

Book Claireport Place for your dream event today. Call us at (416) 675-7700 to inquire