Our Story

A Company Committed to Providing an Exceptional Venue

Owners Jey and Sasi have always had an ambition for providing amazing food and service to match. They started their journey in 1990 by owning and operating a Golden Griddle Family Restaurant franchise. With Golden Griddle being a predominant breakfast location, these two best friends maximized its potential by renting out the restaurant venue after business hours for small family parties. From here, they discovered a passion they both shared for catering and events – and the journey towards becoming eminent event specialists began. Following their sale of Golden Griddle, they took a very confident leap into the banquet services business where they purchased Eastown Restaurant and Banquet Halls in 1996. They successfully built the Eastown brand within the GTA and provided an immeasurable number of clients with memorable tailored events.

In 2000, Jey and Sasi sold Eastown with plans for early retirement. They didn’t even last 6 months of retirement! They realized they were missing the one thing that made them wake up every morning with a mission: to provide families with exceptional banquets and event services. The banquets and events business was not their job – it was their passion. They immediately kicked the early retirement plan and purchased Claireport Place Banquet and Convention Centre. Now, Jey and Sasi continue to do what they love to do – living their dream to provide people with their own unforgettable dream events.