• 3 Common mistakes you make while choosing a banquet hall

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    Who doesn’t like parties and celebrating events with family and friends? The event might be big or small, but it brings joy and a feeling of excitement among us. Celebrations and ceremonies have become a significant part of life, making our lives a little more enthusiastic. Nowadays, most events like birthday parties get together, bachelor parties, baby showers, or even weddings take place in a lavish party hall with an elegant ambiance. You might have also hosted many parties at some of the town’s banquet halls or luxury hotels and would have made similar mistakes as mentioned later in this article while choosing a party hall. People often do not research well, select the option they see first or get recommended by their relatives or friends. They do not pay much attention and suffer later by dealing with low-quality or unsatisfactory service even though they have spent a decent amount on the booking. A poor quality service would put a wrong impression on your guests, and they would assume your standard through it, and the event could even be ruined after investing a lot of money. To avoid such a problem, you must be mindful of some everyday things mentioned below. Give it a thorough read.


    Not researching well about the place

    Like most people, you would also pick a banquet hall with ample space and the shortest distance, but if you are organizing an event on your own, you should be very careful with the small details and have complete research about the place. This could include many things like-


    • Checking the location:Location impacts the vibe of the place as well. If you have selected a party hall in the city, it will be perfect for small showers, birthday parties, proms, etc., but if you want to plan a dreamy wedding in the woods, countryside banquet halls would be a great choice.


    • Ensure the distance:You must also ensure that the guests do not find it difficult to reach the party place as if it is in another corner of the city; the guests will have a hard time finding it to reach the destination and might arrive there tired.


    • Checking the capacity:The type of banquet hall you should book does not depend upon what you find attractive of course beauty plays a significant role, but it depends upon how many people are invited to the event. If you have a gathering of 50-100 people, there is no need to book a hall with a 200-300 people capacity. That would waste a lot of your money, and the party will look very dull in a large space with fewer people than required.


    Not visiting multiple halls

    If you book the first place you saw during your hunt for party halls, then you might restrict yourself from getting better halls at better prices. It is always advised to visit at least 5-7 party halls for a fair comparison among charges, capacity, ambiance, beauty, etc. You can then shortlist the halls based on your preference and decide on a particular one. You might get better prices and offers if you do your research well. But do not start checking each hotel in your city and get over confused as it will lead to indecisiveness and you might choose some wrong option. So pick the top-rated banquet halls that suit your theme of the party and which can be reached easily.


    Not reading the reviews

    How would you know if a party hall will suit your requirement and if the staff service is good or not? Nobody from the hotel will address you with insights except those who have previously organized their parties there. It means you should always check the former clients’ feedback and know about the banquet hall service. You can look up google reviews or the website reviews if the hall has any and check if the hall will be adequate to host your desired party or event.


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