• 4 Easy Ways to Manage Coronavirus Impact on Your Event

    Posted on: 30 July, 2020 in: Blog

    Coronavirus has a drastic impact on the industry globally, and many of the major events had been cancelled or postponed until the situation turns normal. But as the government has lifted the lockdown and allowed the movement of the public with some restrictions, one can think of making small arrangements with precautions.

    Being an event planner, it is now time for you to think responsibly and plan your events with complete care and safety. You can follow the guidelines given by the World Health Organization in a 9-page document that offers guidance on both general and coronavirus-specific recommendations for organizing and hosting events.

    Once you are familiar with the precautions and protocols for organizing events, you can safely plan your event with the number of attendees as stated by the government.

    Here are some things you consider for planning a safe event for your audience-


    1) Where are you planning your event?

    Before planning to call the attendees and thinking about the arrangement, you must book a venue. Keep in mind to find the right place, which is out of high-risking areas and where low coronavirus patients are probable. Before booking the venue for the event, make sure they follow all the precautions and maintains it to the high safety standards. You wouldn’t want to risk the lives of your guests, isn’t it?


    2) Where your audience is coming from?

    As you know most of the public transportation will be closed and you are not allowed to accommodate a large number of people so you must focus on calling the ones who are near and important for the event. Once you know that your venue area is clear from risk zones, you can now think of the safety of your audience. You wouldn’t want to organize an event and spread the virus, right? Therefore, it is important to know where your audience is coming from. If you know some safer routes that lead to the venue, you must stick them into the invitation.


    3) What safety and security measures must be taken at the venue?

    Your audience must feel safe when present at the venue for the event. Similarly, you must also feel the same; therefore, you must hold strong entry criteria in place. If some of the delegates or VIPs are coming via emergency flights, their passports must be checked. Besides, each of the attendees must be allowed to enter after the thermal scanning to assure they are healthy enough to be granted access to the event.

    Most of your focus will go towards maintaining the safety of high-profile people, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and other stakeholders, so use the event management system to take care of the general public as well.


    4) What alternative event formats should you consider?

    Since you will not be able to call everybody so to make them the part of your event make use of technology. Opt for live streaming your event so that everyone can be a part of the show, especially if it is a conference or an important political discussion meeting.


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