• 4 Venue-Related Issues You Should Think About For Your Wedding Planning

    Posted on: 27 April, 2017 in: Blog

    Setting up a wedding can both be fun and tiresome for the parties involved. Most of the time, however, you will find that it is the things that don’t seem important which might turn out to cause the most headaches as far as the wedding is concerned. For instance, one issue that most people will not keep in mind when arranging for a wedding is what would happen to the venue once they are done.

    Depending on the type of Toronto wedding venues you choose as well as the manner in which you choose to prepare the venue, this might be difficult or easy. For instance, if you have decided to hand over most of the planning to a wedding planner, chances are that they will sort out the post-wedding issues in advance.

    That said, however, it’s still important to know of some of the things that might need to be done after the wedding, so that you can plan for them or ask your wedding planner to do them. This way, you will not end up with surprise responsibilities after your big day. Once the wedding is over, some of the venue-related issues you need to sort out include:

    Taking down the decorations

    This is one of the obvious things that just have to be done after a wedding. How the decorations are taken down depends on a host of factors including the nature of the decorations, how they were put up in the first place, and how you distributed the responsibilities. For instance, if you worked with a wedding planner to put up the wedding, one of the clauses in the contract could be that they would be responsible for taking the decorations down after the wedding. If not, plan on how this will be done when organizing the wedding so that your other plans (such as going to the airport for the honeymoon) are not interfered with. This also reduces the risk of being penalized in some cases.

    Picking up trash

    This is a problem that you are most likely to run into with the reception site. Depending on a host of factors such as the manner in which the catering is done, you may find that the venue will have too much trash after the wedding, and that it may be your responsibility to get rid of it. You can hire a firm to do this for you, or you could distribute the duties to individuals. You can also avoid the problem pre-emptively by taking measures such as having bins strategically arranged around the venue as well as getting into a catering contract which also includes cleaning up the venue after the event.

    Issues to do with breakages and damage 

    It would be wise to go through your contracts to figure out how issues such as damage to furniture and fittings in the venue will be sorted out after the event. For instance, if you have rented a banquet hall together with the furniture in it, the company may charge you a penalty if some of the furniture is broken after the wedding. This is particularly so if you found the furniture in pristine condition before the wedding.

    To avoid this, several strategies can be taken including making sure that attendees will be spaced out to avoid the risk of collisions, making sure that you hire seats and furniture that are hardy and also inspecting the furniture before signing the agreement so that you don’t end up paying for damage that was pre-existing.

    Arranging gift transportation

    It is likely that you will get gifts after a wedding, particularly if it’s a traditional one. Plan on how they will be moved to a desired location after the wedding, or you will end up with some confusion once the wedding is over.

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