• 5 Factors to Think Of When Choosing a Venue for a Business Conference

    Posted on: 06 February, 2020 in: Blog

    When it comes to planning a corporate event, you have to be extremely proactive, organized, and practical. You have to be on point with the booking arrangements and deadlines to make the event a huge success.

    Organizing a business event takes more energy and patience in comparison to private parties. You have to gather the right speakers, secure the interested sponsors, and make way for better networking opportunities among the corporate audience.

    However, such an event can be a boon to companies only when everything is planned in the right manner at the right time. And, since the scale of the event is large, and the stake is high, reasonable efforts have to be made to get the best outcomes.

    So, if it is your first time planning for a business event, consider the below-mentioned factors to pick a perfect venue:

    1. Guest List

    The first thing to take into account when picking a venue is the number of guests expected on the conference day. You obviously don’t want to end up underutilizing the space or making it look overcrowded. So, be responsible for planning to avoid major surprises during the event. Be mindful with your guest list and ensure that the venue can hold a few extra people nicely.s

    1. Accessibility

    Another thing to look for in a corporate event venue is its location. You should choose a location that is easily accessible for your target audience and business partners. Pick a venue that is close to the office so that people can get there once they leave work. But, if you happen to choose a faraway location, choose a banquet hall that is near to the airport or railway station to ensure enough convenience for the members visiting from other towns or cities.

    1. Availability of Lodging

    If the conference venue you choose doesn’t have accommodation options for the members, look for more lodging options within a safe distance of the venue. If that is not possible, then ask the hotel manager if there are any shuttle services provided by them. If they don’t, take the responsibility of providing taxi services for every participant.

    1. Catering

    Refreshments are definitely a vital factor to keep in check while choosing a venue. It is required as members can’t attend a business meeting for hours at a stretch. Thus, it becomes important to make arrangements for the right kind food and beverage menu that clients can enjoy during break and appreciate you for later.

    1. Other Amenities

    Always seek out a conference venue that provides all kinds of essentials that you might need during the event. That may include smart boards or projection screen, digital projectors, video conferencing system, high-speed internet network, good quality audio equipment, microphone, stage, seating area, break-rooms and efficient staff members. Having all these facilities at the venue will not only help in running the event smoothly but also in marking your brand as a responsible and successful one.

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