• 5 Pro Tips to Choose the Right Banquet Hall

    Posted on: 27 August, 2020 in: Blog

    Whether you are planning for a wedding, a corporate event or a charity fundraiser event, booking a venue is always on the priority list. Although banquet halls and venues are multipurpose, yet they are not designed equally, and it totally depends on the number of attendees attending the event.


    No one wants to disappoint their guests by inviting them to a banquet hall that has poor service, congested hall and dull interiors. It must have everything appropriate for the function you are about to host in there- from beautiful exteriors to excellent interior, superior services, spacious hall to accommodate guests and exceptional catering services. When hosting a corporate event, it may leave an impression on your superiors, and they may consider your ideas for the project or business. So, to grab the best opportunities, it is important to flatter your guests with a fantastic arrangement.


    Down below are mentioned some pro tips to choose the right banquet hall for your event-


    1) Establish Your Budget Early- The start point is your budget. You cannot just hire the services of vendors, book a venue and call a higher number of people if your budget is limited. There needs to be a proper plan and an estimated budget to start with. Besides, you must keep some extra money aside, in case the budget exceeds. Moreover, before finalizing caterers and a banquet hall, you must create a list of things that falls in your budget and select from the choices you have made.


    2) Look for the Capacity- The second thing to consider while looking for a venue is its overall capacity to accommodate your guests. The size of the hall can impact your guests and the party simultaneously. A venue that’s too congested will cramp all your guests, and alternatively, a vast place will make your party look scattered, killing the vibe. However, large venues can be scaled down with judicious use of decoration, furnishings and wall partitions, but it is wise to count the number of guests you are inviting and select the banquet hall accordingly.


    3) Check the Location- The third thing to consider is the location of the banquet hall. Choose the banquet hall according to the function. For instance, if you want to organize a wedding, select the location that suits best for it. However, keep in mind that the place of the venue you choose must be reachable by all your guests.


    4) Inspect the Interiors- The venue you choose must be maintained, clean, organized and beautiful to look at. It will be easy for you to decorate an attractive place according to your wishes. Otherwise, you will have to amend the dilapidated venue first before making further arrangement.


    5) Don’t Forget about Amenities- You must see if the venue you are choosing provides basic amenities like a parking lot, restrooms, waiting room, table, chair and basic decoration. If some of them are not on the list, you will have to rent them separately. Therefore, peep into your budget and see if the venue offers everything.


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