• 8 Proven Event Management Tips For Corporate Event Venues

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    B2B event organizers not just organize events but they breathe and live them. Though the type of event may vary from private dinner, to team away days, to conferences, to success parties, but what is common to planning a corporate event successfully is to find a venue that suits the event brief perfectly.


    For the event goals to be met, it is important that you find the right spot to host the event. Here are certain tips for successful event management that will help you host a successful event and also become the best client the venue partner has had in a while:

    1. Provide a Detailed Brief

    Even before the venue search begins, it is important that you write down the brief of the event, and your requirements and goals and ensure that you and other stakeholders agree on them completely. This brief will help ease down all future processed of event planning.

    Be thorough with your needs and then send out a request for proposal to all venues you have in mind. That way, the venue will know what you’re looking for, and if they can’t offer the services, both the venue staff’s and your time will be saved.

    If you’re an event marketer, remember that it is crucial to nurture a relationship with the venues which is possible only when you’re clear with your brief, so that you do not have them do unnecessary effort for an event they can’t host.


    1. Think Outside the Box with Reason

    What has worked previously is not your only option for this event. Think out of the box, look at unusual venues and see if the space could be used differently.

    However, in thinking out of the box, be reasonable and assure that the plans are attainable. You may have to be clear to the venue about any unique requirements you have.


    1. Have One Point of Contact

    Having multiple points of contact at a venue can create chaos. Request a single point of contact at the venue to ensure that one person handles all your requirements, ensuring no confusion on the date of the event.

    Moreover, having a single point of contact will help you build rapport with the person, leading to a mutual relationship beneficial to both.


    1. Treat the Venue Like a Partner, Not a Supplier

    It is essential that the venue is treated not like a supplier but a partner with whom you need to build a relationship. There is a lot of knowledge to garner from the in house venue staff, and when you make them feel appreciated, you will receive more value than you’d have expected.


    1. Create a Checklist for Your Site Visit

    Once you have narrowed down on the venues that can handle your needs, you may want to ask for site tours. Come with a checklist of what information you want from the venue. Ask questions and push for transparency to ensure there are no confusions later.


    1. Create a Sense of Urgency

    To encourage venues to go that extra mile to provide to your brief, it is advisable to create a sense of emergency. Let them know of deadlines and time constraints as you have other venues on hold. This edge of competition will push them to serve only their best and to offer to you an impressive proposal to take business forward.


    1. Establish the Services of Offer

    You need to question about there in house services. Not only will it help save on money to have the venue supply everything, but also time that you’d spend looking for other vendors. Also, enquire about their policies regarding external suppliers.


    1. Get Everything in Writing


    They may have said it earlier, but if the point of contact is out of contact for even a while, there isn’t much you can do. Get any deals, agreements, or services given to you in writing. Handshake agreements cannot be relied upon as it may only cause confusion on the final day of event. You can make sure that any agreement made on a call is followed up with an email to clarify and reiterate the points discussed.


    Managing Your Corporate Event Venue


    With these tips in mind, chances are that you’d manage and nurture your relationship with these venues pretty well. As a corporate vent planner, it is essential that every service or person you work with, builds that camaraderie and is receptive towards your deadlines or requirements, and you are towards any limitations they have.

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