• 8 things to consider before booking a Venue for your event:

    Posted on: 10 September, 2018 in: Blog

    If you are planning to host an event, the first and foremost task to accomplish is to reserve the ‘Best Banquet’. The event venue is of utmost importance as it sets the tone of the event. To avoid unwanted surprises and headaches, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what to look for. Before setting your heart on a space and signing the venue contract, you need to thoroughly scrutinize the document so that your dream venue doesn’t become a nightmare.

    Once you find an event venue matching all your requirements, it is imperative to consider these 8 points before signing their contract.

    1. Financial details:

    Always discuss in detail the financial aspects of renting an event venue. Keep your budget in mind before choosing a venue and find out exactly what’s included before signing the contract. You can’t make assumptions as to what may be free. Look if the total cost includes catering, event planning, invitations, photography, flowers, lighting, liquor, band, etc or there is some extra charge for extra service. Another surprise often comes in form of hidden government taxes and services charges. Get details on how payment is handled and how much amount will be deposited in advance.

    1. Discuss cancellation policy:

    One should always be prepared for unexpected occurrences. It’s wise to discuss the cancellation policy. While we hope such circumstances never happen, but being prepared in advance is always a good idea. The policy regarding cancellation differs from venue to venue. Before you sign the documents, don’t forget to check the non-refundable deposit, in case of cancellation. In most cases, the sliding scale starts from the date of signing the contract and keeps increasing until the event.

    The cancellation charge, to a great extent, depends on the size of the event. On an average, cancellation fee up to 15 days in advance is 82% of the hire fee, while for 30 days in advance, it is 59% and up to 60 days in advance is 43%. Double check these points and remember there is always a room for negotiation. Moreover, check if your contract includes reselling option. After the cancelation of booking, if the venue is re-booked to another party, that amount could be considered in calculating your cancellation fee.

    1. Attrition Policy:

    There is a fixed minimum guaranteed amount which the venue wants from your event. The difference between the expected attendees and the actual number of people present in the event is called as attrition or slippage. In case, the number of guests present is less than the anticipated number, you will need to pay for their loss, be it a sleeping room block or food and beverage. If you have fear of unsatisfactory attendance, you must negotiate on slippage point before signing the contract.

    1. Check for Wi-Fi capabilities and costs:

    Check if the venue offers charging stations and Wi-Fi connectivity for your attendees. Free Wi-Fi is an industry standard and has become a necessity nowadays. Ensure that your venue has proper Wi-Fi capabilities. Check for connectivity restrictions, in case of free Wi-Fi. However, if the venue is charging for Wi-Fi, make sure it is not a line item, but a part of the rate.

    1. Check for the venue set-up time:

    Some big event set-ups can take long hours and require renting the venue a day in advance for the complete setup. In such a case, you may negotiate for any associated fees. Some venues offer a day of set-up without any charge.

    1. A guarantee for the best rates room for delegates:

    In case, your event is residential, you need to check for the best room rates by comparing prices on various websites to ensure your rate is competitive. Look for the ‘cut off’ date. This implies when the venue will re-book sleeping rooms to other customers. For this, you should include a clause stating that if rooms are still available, they will be available to your attendees after this date. Furthermore, ask details about the hotel’s ‘walk policy.’ This happens when the hotel over-book your sleeping room block.

    1. The option of own caterer or bringing outside suppliers:

    If you already have someone lined up or wants to bring in your own caterer or outside supplier, then you must clear this issue earlier. Most venues have in-house catering and a list of preferred vendors that they like working with. If you are unsure about the taste and quality of their catering, then ask for a tasting. Read the policy carefully and find out all the details before you signing to make sure you are comfortable with their requirements and any additional costs.

    1. Check for any restrictions:

    Check before you book that the venue may have certain rules or restrictions in place. There may be any space restrictions, loud music restriction or liquor prohibition. The venue may restrict to end events before midnight or stop serving drinks at a certain hour.

    From the right location, affordable price, ample capacity to the ideal ambiance, the perfect venue has it all! The ideal event venue and banquet offers all these facilities and much more to make your day unforgettable!

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