• A Big Day Fast Approaching? Book Claireport Place  Today

    Posted on: 30 July, 2022 in: Blog

    A Big Day Fast Approaching? Book Claireport Place  Today

    We live with our memories, and most of our memories are not made every day, but on big days. Be it a wedding, birthdays, a live performance, or otherwise, big days leave an imprint on our collective consciousness like no other. So, when you see a big day fast approaching, start thinking up places to celebrate it way ahead of time. Getting an inappropriately sized or ill-fashioned place for an important day will forever tarnish your memories of the event.

    If you are looking for a place to book for an event in and around Etobicoke, Ontario, you can get in touch with Claireport Place. We can help you intimate the perfectly curated version of the day you have always nurtured in your mind. Our aim is to work with your vision and quickly but precisely recreate your dream day so that you finally live it this time. Our dedicated team of service staff, management, and culinary artists have been in the business of transforming blissful dreams into unforgettable memories that your guests will talk about for days on end.

    Always dreamt of having the best possible venue for the most magnificent event of your life? Claireport Place Banquet and Convention center with fully equipped necessities, can be ready to deliver your celebration needs at any hour.

    What Can You Expect?

    At Claireport Place, our team always maintains high standards in every aspect of the business. Our exterior structure will mesmerize you with its timeless glory inspired by the European Renaissance. Invite your guests here and you will be offering them an experience of grandeur and luxury seldom felt. As soon as you step foot inside, we will welcome you with refreshing details in the architecture.

    Whether you have 50 people or even 2000 people on your guest list, our facilities are always ready to serve them to the best of our abilities with utmost care, precision, attentiveness, and grace. Claireport Place boasts carefully designed elements suitable for diverse kinds of events, from galas, corporate events, to wedding receptions. We make sure your big day never goes unnoticed.

    We have over 30 years of hands-on experience serving guests with delicacies and equally reputable hospitality. In the process, our diligent and passionate team has established a first-rate event venue. It is not simply about booking a terrific place, but you must also experience wonderful moments here that will leave you and your close ones feeling giddy and special. So, we do not see the events business as a conventional job. Instead, it is a chance to assist someone in making everlasting memories! Our passion keeps us moving forward, loving what we do, and getting better at it.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Claireport Place, we offer full 360 degree packages that ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction. From lighting and decor to our delicious array of international menu, our team goes through every checklist to provide you with absolute peace of mind while planning your celebration.

    Bid adieu to the stress of arranging and coordinating catering-related errands for your big day, and let us take over. Our catering menu boasts special, exquisite cuisines from all over the world, offering an unified dining experience for your guests. From Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, North American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, West Indian, Sri Lankan, to South Asian, we ensure that meals are prepared by some of the most renowned chefs in the region.

    Only 10 minutes from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, this multi-event venue is also close to downtown Toronto (25 minutes) with ample parking space for your guests’ easy travel and commute. Want to book us for your special day? Give us a call at (416) 675-7700 to inquire more!

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