• How to Choose the Right Event for a Venue?

    Posted on: 04 October, 2021 in: Blog

    Planning an event is a really difficult and time consuming job. There are so many aspects you need to take care of at once. Even if you have a whole team assisting you or you have hired an event planner, the job is still difficult. You probably already have visioned the event and have an idea about how the event needs to look. One of the most important things while planning an event is the venue of the event. It’s probably the first thing you need to do before proceeding further. Until and unless you find the perfect venue for the event you can’t start with decorations , food, entertainment or even sending out invitations. Even when finding a venue you need to take care of so many different aspects. The facilities at the venue, space, hospitality, etc all needs to be taken into consideration before finalising a venue. Here’s a guide as to how to choose the right venue for your event :


          LOCATION OF THE VENUE : This is probably the most important thing to consider. The event venue should be at a location that is accessible to everyone. You can make sure if there are transport facilities such as metros available. You can also make sure that there is enough parking space. If you have guests coming from outside the city, you can choose a venue location which has hotels in or around it. Make sure that its location is not in some far away corner and at some central spot.

          SPACE AND SIZE OF THE VENUE : Another different factor which is really important. Neither do you want a place that is too big in relation to the number of heads or too small. The space and size of the venue depends mostly on the number of people attending the event and the purpose of the event. If it’s an office event the space might not need to be vast but in case of marriage or a birthday party, you need to have space for dancing floors, a stage, a gift corner, etc. A good venue would have different types of spaces available.

          CATERING AND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES : Well, any event must have some food and entertainment available. The food again is decided on the basis of the purpose of the event. If it’s a day event the food would be different than a night event. If it’s a press conference the food would be kept low-key whereas if it’s an evening event, there should be cocktails and proper food. Choose a venue or banquet hall which provides different cuisines and a variety of options when it comes to food and beverages. All the events need to have some kind of entertainment even if it’s just a man playing a violin. The venue should have different kinds of entertainment available to them depending upon the vibe. Some might need a DJ, some might want some classical music or some jazz. It’s important for the venue to have its own catering and Audio video services.

          BUDGET : Last but not the least is the budget of the event. This is probably the most important factor. You don’t need to go all out while planning an event. Sometimes it’s good to be within the boundaries. You can’t afford to spend more on a venue than your budget allows, so you should find a reasonable venue with good environment and services.


    Here was a small guide for things you need to consider before booking a venue for your event.


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