• How to Choose the Right Venue for your Event

    Posted on: 29 November, 2020 in: Blog

    One of the most important choices when throwing the event of the year, is of course where exactly it is being held. The venue, believe it or not, does indeed have a very powerful voice in creating the mood and success for your event. The speciality of you event combined with lighting, music and seating provides the nuances that you wish to convey. Your message will indeed be received, but better yet, if packaged properly.

    Your venue does most of the talking, and while this does sound intimidating, do not fear. Here are a few tips to help you make a wise decision of your venue, location and mood as well.

    1. Location Matters

    Your choice for the location of the venue must indeed be in terms with your attendees’ convenience.  Look for locations that have reasonable distances from your attendees’ homes. Don’t forget to keep the variables of traffic, transportation and even attendees from places outside the city or even country of the event. Choose a location with good parking options as well.  Your location and its convenience plays an important role in constructing the moods, timings and even the number of attendees who will join you for your event or celebration. Make the practical choice!

    2. Target Audience:

    Before you actually choose your venue, make sure you have your target audience pinned down. Make guest lists and look through the age and gender categories before choosing you location and venue for the event. The venue will change depending on the audience being young children as opposed to that of adults of various elite classes. The venue must be able to speak to the audience, while also not putting them off in any way. Choose your venue that can cater to your guests to ensure a pleasant and memorable experience for them.

    3. Flexibility and Look:

    You want your event to hold a part of your own voice as well! Hence, the venue you do intend to choose must be able to create that look for you. Make sure you are in full control of your event’s identity and message while planning your many aesthetic arrangements (floral decorations, lighting, room decor etc.) Know your event’s physicality that could fit in your vision, and not the other way around. Your aesthetics and mood must be realised in the perfect venue. Make sure you remember that when you opt for your special place!

    4. Affordability:

    One of the main components that play a crucial role in selecting your venue, is of course the cost. Your venue must be able to slide into your budget, which includes not only venue tax, but bar tax, fees for parking, fees for your various aesthetic visions, furniture renting, the restroom situations and of course the buffet and meals’ station. Make sure you account many of these additional costs into your budget before choosing your venue, and even put on your best negotiating hat on and try to win your dream venue.

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