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    Posted on: 06 January, 2018 in: Blog

    A corporate event can be a celebration of the team’s hard work or it can also be focused on the unveiling of a new product. It can also be used to raise funds, and to help a company grow. If you are planning to host a corporate event of your own, you must be familiar with the different types of events that can choose from. Here is a list.


    A conference is commonly held to reach out to a certain target audience so that you can give them information and advice relevant to their industry. Conferences cover different topics that will depend on the needs of the audience and speakers are commonly hired to share their views on these significant topics. They can also share their experiences whenever necessary. The ultimate goal of a conference is to make the audience learn and become better in their respective fields.


    A seminar is like a conference. The only difference is that a seminar is more academic than a conference. Seminars are held to bring small groups together for recurring meetings where each meeting has a different agenda depending on what the attendees must learn. Seminars involve active participation from the audience and come with take-home materials that attendees can study further.


    A workshop is educational like conferences and seminars. Apart from the fact that it is educational, however, it is also interactive. There are more hands-on activities in a workshop where attendees may later on be asked to participate in. Role plays, real-life practices, and discussions are parts of a workshop.

    Trade show

    When your purpose for a corporate event is to attract investors or new clients, a trade show is the most efficient way to do so. This is the best way for you to introduce a new brand or reinforce the existing brand that you have. Hosting such an event will include showcasing your products or services in a booth. This may also mean preparing demonstrations on how to use the product or service at the same time having giveaways for attendees.


    A retreat is commonly hosted by a company for its employees and partners and is commonly held during a weekend when everybody is free from daily work. You can choose from a list of luxurious destinations and resorts to host the event. Meetings, and discussions may form part of the event but you can also have a corporate dinner, play golf or get involved in other group activities.

    Award ceremonies

    If you want to host a corporate event in honour of the most outstanding employees in your company, an awarding ceremony is the best way to celebrate one. You can serve cocktails during the occasion and invite valued clients to be part of the event.

    Fundraising and charity events

    Fundraising and charity events are quite similar. A fundraiser may include anything from a silent auction, a dinner, or entertainment event. A charity event, on the other hand, is one where you can solicit donations in different ways. The money that you will raise from any of these events can goes to the company or a chosen charity, respectively.

    Holiday party

    This can serve as an incentive to your employees who have been working very hard all-year long. You can choose to have a party outside the workplace to celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even Halloween. Depending on the number of employees that you have, you can choose a venue like restaurants, or even banquet halls for a more festive mood.

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