• Common Myths about Corporate Event Planning

    Posted on: 06 May, 2020 in: Blog

    Today, in the competitive era organising a perfect event is extremely important for a business. Whether it is to promote a product, to throw a party for employees and clients, or organise a conference meet, getting things done right requires a lot of time and effort. You have to meet deadlines and make sure that nothing goes out of budget. However, many people commit mistakes while planning an event because of myths about corporate planning. Because of some misconceptions in their minds, they fail at organising an event successfully.


    So, let us learn and debunk the common myths about the corporate event.


    Myth #1. One person can easily organise the event. 

    It is the most common myth that can lead to failure of the event. Corporate events that are to be organised at large scale require a lot of planning. In case you are thinking to make all the arrangements by yourself, then it can be your biggest mistake. Finding a venue, managing catering and other entertainment stuff requires a lot of efforts. It is impossible for a single person to lead different aspects of corporate event planning. So suggested is to, make a team where every person is assigned a specific task. This way, nothing will be skipped, and a considerable amount of time will be saved.


    Myth #2. The venue is not important for a corporate event. 

    It is another myth that needs to be debunked right now. The venue is the most important thing when it comes to a corporate event. If you want the event to be successful, then never commit the mistake of ignoring the venue or don’t just select any venue. It is only the venue that can determine how all other things of the day will go.


    Further, location of the venue, ease of access, and parking facility are a few important things that should not be overlooked while choosing a venue. If you don’t want to put the reputation of your company at stake, then select the venue that provides complete support to make your corporate event a success.


    Myth #3. No strict scheduling is needed. 

    This misconception can create a huge mess at your event. If you don’t follow the strict schedule, then it will not look like a corporate event and will leave a negative impression of yours on your employees, clients and business partners. So, don’t be a carefree person if you are planning the corporate event. Be strict about the schedule of the event, and keep track of what will happen next.


    Myth #4. No contingency plan is needed.

    Many people don’t bother about event planning and at last, expect everything to go well. But do you know that even highly experienced planners prepare a contingency plan. They stay prepared for all the odds so that nothing goes wrong during the event. So, don’t be overconfident and have a backup plan in place to overcome any issue.


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