• Common Types Of Corporate Events

    Posted on: 30 October, 2017 in: Blog

    Billions of dollars are spent annually to organize business events and meetings. While this may come to you as a surprise, corporate events make it possible to have things such as product launches, team building, employee recognition events, fundraisers and so forth. There are several kinds of corporate events so let’s take a look at what are some of the most common corporate events in existence today.


    A seminar is centered on academics. Its purpose is basically to further enlighten you regarding a particular subject or job specialization. As such, it is characterized by small groups that usually have recurring meetings. Each meeting deals with a specific topic or theme. Attendees of the seminar are required to actively participate. Take-home materials are provided for attendees to look over after the seminar and do a personal study so that when they meet the next time, they are well prepared for the next topic.

    Trade shows

    Trade shows play a critical role in the business world. This is because they are perfectly tailored to attract new clients and investors to the business. In addition, they provide the best platform to particularly reinforce the business brand. The presence of a company in a trade show merely involves booth hosting. This is where they get to show all their products and services including the most recent innovations. Free demonstrations as well as giveaways are all part of a trade show.


    This is an expensive corporate event and it is usually held over the weekend. It could be for company employees or simply business partners. Most retreats are hosted at exquisite resorts or any other luxurious place. Some of the things that you can look forward to having in a retreat include  exceptional dinner, group activities, golfing and quite a lot of discussions regarding company growth.

    Special holiday parties

    Most companies take pleasure in going out for a number of special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas just to name a few. In that case, level of indulgence and extravagance will pretty much depend on the business itself. In fact, most companies opt to remove their staff from the office environment to a different venue, preferably a classy restaurant or an amazing banquet hall to ensure that everyone is caught up in the festive mood.

    Fundraisers and charity events

    The reason why most companies hold galas for fundraising is to help their very own businesses or simply boost another. Fundraiser events may be about entertainment, silent auctioning, fancy dinner or simply a casual event. As for charity events, money raised by the business goes straight to charity. There are many ways of acquiring donations and most companies are well versed with the most effective ones. Once the required amount of money has been raised through various activities, the ending of the event is marked by giving the money to charity.

    Team building

    The main objective of team building is to foster bonding between company employees. Usually, the employees are organized into different teams that compete with each other in various activities. Team buildings are mostly held outdoors to allow for vigorous activities but there can also be indoor activities planned to facilitate reflection opportunities.

    These corporate events will make your work easier when choosing an event for your company. You simply need to know where you are as a company and which event best fits the needs of the company. If you want to recognize top performers, you can have an award ceremony in a banquet hall. If you want employee development programs, workshops and seminars make the best choices. Whatever corporate event you need to plan for, remember it is all about the needs of the business.

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