• Creative Ideas to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary

    Posted on: 11 November, 2019 in: Blog

    Wedding anniversaries are special and if it’s 25th, it deserves a grand celebration. The 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone in the married life. And if you have successfully spent a quarter of a century in love with a single person, you deserve all the respect and accolade. Silver jubilee anniversary is a great achievement for both the partners. From all the fights, differences, and misunderstanding to the love and attachment, you have shared everything for 25 years. This achievement, certainly, needs to be celebrated in such a way, that it becomes one of the most memorable days of your life.

    Days like weddings and anniversaries are best celebrated with the people you love. The people who were there to bless you on your wedding day should also be a part of this big day. So, the best way to celebrate this major milestone in your life is by throwing a party for your family and friends. So, here are some tips to plan an amazing 25th-anniversary party.

    Choose a Venue

    Planning any party or event typically begins with estimating guests count and finding a perfect venue. So, fix a budget, make a guest list, and start searching for an ideal anniversary venue. Most couples want to invite every single person who has played in role in their lives over the years. So, you should pick a venue that can comfortably accommodate all your guests. Book a venue that offers in-house catering, decoration, and entertainment facilities.

    A Theme-Party

    The 25th wedding anniversary is usually known as the silver anniversary. So, you can think of incorporating silver throughout your party decorations, including the cake and the couple’s dress. You may also throw a 80s style party to recall your dating heyday. Infuse a silver touch in your retro party with 80s music and fashion. Another option is creating a theme based on the couple’s favorite hobby or vacation spot. To keep that silver touch, you can incorporate metallic props to add a modern touch. As far as decoration is concerned, you can use flowers, a large 25 numbered balloons, centerpieces, custom signage, silver garlands, and photos of the anniversary couple.

    Food and Drinks

    Be it a wedding reception or anniversary, every celebration is incomplete without good food. When planning a party, you can either book an outside vendor or choose in-house catering. It’s easier to choose in-house catering to avoid hassles and choose food and drinks from their multi-cuisine menu. When selecting the menu, make sure to include a variety of dishes and drinks so all guests can enjoy the food. There should be non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, non-alcoholic beverages, and a gluten-free option for the party.

    Entertainment Options

    What’s the meaning of a party without any entertainment? To make your special day memorable, think of creative entertainment ideas. Music and dance floor is a must and you can also book a live band to cover some of your favorite classics over the years. The best idea is playing a video or slideshow of the couple’s pictures to show their love journey. It is also heartwarming to have your kids, parents, or close friends give heartfelt speeches and toast the anniversary couple. Whatever option you choose, makes sure to add an emotional touch.

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