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    Posted on: 30 November, 2017 in: Blog

    There’s nothing as refreshing as being totally assured and reassured of tying the knot with the partner of your dreams. Therefore, as the engagement party plans are underway, don’t allow yourself to be swept over by excitement only to realize you’ve done some pretty shoddy work. Depending on your preferences and personalities as a couple, you may settle for a highly stimulating extroverted party or a calm, laid-back gathering. Also, you’ll have to decide whether it will be completely formal or have a flowery casual blend. Here are some great tips with golden insights on the planning process of the engagement party.

    Decide on the Theme

    Just to flow with the current direction of the wind, choosing a theme for your engagement party will help make it more interesting and lovely. Besides the traditional parties devoid of, as well as colors, you may go for historically revered couple themes like “Romeo and Juliet Day” as or land some tasty toaster theme. Therefore, depending on your choice of the favorite theme, you have to keep pulses with the fact that the décor as well as colors have to perfectly match the wordings of the theme.

    Invite Intelligently

    Whether you prefer going all-technological with the invites using Facebook, or prefer the physical means, the end-goal is having your friends, relatives or acquaintances at the engagement party. As the cliché goes, “the early bird catches the worm”, you have to start off the process of inviting early enough so you don’t find yourself all alone with the love of your life on the main day. Three weeks beforehand would do. Also, ensure you only invite the number of the people you’ll comfortably accommodate as it is not the wedding yet.

    Ensure the Attire Guidelines are Clear

    Nowadays, engagement parties have unexpected twists when it comes to attire with tons of countless, yet thrilling ideas in the creative space. To nail it right at its core, make a point of giving the expected guests a heads-up so they don’t miss the mark once the party gets started. Someone may drown his or her face in the mud on showing up for a formal party with some pajama-like attire. It’s therefore prudent to furnish them with enough information on the kind of attire they should go for to stay relevant and have some sense of belonging.

    Serve a Creative Meal

    Unlike the great wedding with innumerable vying for a spending experience particularly in kitchen matters, an engagement party is slightly different, all to your advantage. You can, therefore, avoid the rigors of having to prepare a big meal and settle for some dessert or fruit party. Doing this will not only introduce a creative feel to the party but hugely save on the expenses that you may channel to the real wedding.

    In fact, you may serve at your favorite restaurant and serve your favorite foods like some scrumptious Mexican food. Also, if you’d want to introduce something new as opposed to the commonly served cakes and suits, you may branch out and try something a little trendy and unexpected like mini mason, loop churros or jar pie apple pies.

    Choose the Perfect Venue

    If you’re having cold feet about choosing the best venue for the engagement party, you don’t have to hopelessly whimper around on the ground, thanks to the technological upheaval that has made things much easier. You can use your smartphone to research on unique event venues in Toronto. You may even decide to physically reach out to the owners of the event spaces to have things get started. For starters, think about places such as wineries, farmhouses, art galleries and rooftop gardens – just to mention a few.

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