• Four Essential Tips to Find The Perfect Event Venue

    Posted on: 07 October, 2018 in: Blog

    Even for the best of event organizers, it can be tricky and challenging to find the right event venue. According to the report of a survey done recently, most planners spend majority of the budget on the event venue.

    Some venues might be expensive, but the venue usually has a dramatic impact of the attendee experience, and hence it is essential that the organizers ponder on a few basics to find the right space for the event.


    1. Understand your goals


    The goal of the event, whether a tradeshow, conference, or a meetup, has to be on your mind. You have to consider whether the event is designed to educate attendees, launch a new product, or provide attendees with amazing networking experiences, etc. The goal of the event with help you decide on the venue better.


    The venue should complement the goal. If the goal is to provide exposure to your sponsors, you may look for a venue with a welcome area that can accommodate a sponsor booth.


    1. Review Existing Data


    If you’ve been using an event planning software to organize events, you are likely to have a lot of data at hand to study what worked and what didn’t. If there is a product launch you organized last year and it was a success, chances are that the venue will work for another product launch too, and vice versa. In case of corporate events, it is always good to ask the attendees for feedback for the event and venues. It will help make planning the future events easier.


    1. Create an Interior Design Plan


    Your focus should be to create a space that sparks creativity and interaction between attendees. When designing your event experience, here are certain design tips to consider:


    Use Pinterest: You can go through hundreds of design ideas used at similar type of events to help take inspiration from for your event.

    Lighting: Lighting can break or make your event a success. Lighting should be done depending on the type of ambience you want to create. The intensity should be planned to highlight the important elements of the event and to manage colors effectively. You could use pin spot lighting for greater attention of the attendees if there is something you need to bring to their notice.



    The type of guest interaction you want decides how the furniture is placed. You could have round tables for small seating groups for intimate conversations or simple auditorium like set up if you require their attention to be towards the stage. Go minimalist without compromising on the functionality of the event. Think like an attendee and then decide how and what to do with your furniture.


    1. Accessibility

    For attendees to attend your event, your venue should be accessible. Their worry should never be as to how would they get to the destination. You could use uber events or simply decide on a venue which is not remote or hard to find.

    Also ensure that there are enough signboards or people to guide your attendees to the event space even at the venue, especially in case of larger hotels.



    The venue of the event should be well aligned with the goals of the event. Once you have decided on the venue, the setup and lighting needs to be worked upon to get the best out of the venue and to provide unforgettable experiences to the attendees.

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