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    Typically, in Canada, the winter months start from December to January. In some parts of the country, however, winter schedules may vary accordingly. In Toronto, for instance, the winter months start from October and end in April. This being said, the month of January will definitely be a cold month in this part of the country. When you are planning to hold a wedding in January when it is still very cold in Toronto, then it will help to consider the most common winter wedding ideas too. Alongside this, here are specific great ideas for January weddings.

    Wedding themes for the month of January

    Since January is still winter time in Toronto, you can choose your wedding themes according to those related to this season. It is either you go for an Icicle-themed wedding or you choose a blizzard-themed one. Winter wonderland remains to be a popular wedding theme choice but you can also have fun with a summer theme in contrast to the coldness of the season. Of course, Disney themes are very much ideal for January weddings too like Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast.

    Wedding colours for January

    Going through most of the themes mentioned above, it will be quite obvious to conclude that white is the best colour for a winter-themed wedding. Take note though that any shade of blue and silver is also a great colour choice for this season. Some also make use of pastel shades like pastel blue, dusty rose, and lavender even when most of these colours are popular for a spring-themed wedding. There are also some elegant colours that you can use for your wedding theme including midnight blue, navy, burgundy, plum, garnet, and emerald among others.

    Of course nothing beats a black and white wedding for a wedding in January. This is a very classy choice which can add drama to the event. You can choose to fuse in some red and burgundy to the black and white combination to create more drama to a wedding. In contrast, you can also choose ivory or cream combined with deep brown or rich chocolate.

    Wedding flowers for the month 

    Flowers are very important elements in a wedding. You must choose your wedding flower according to what is available this season. Since basically it is a winter month, many will choose white or blue flowers to decorate the venue and the bridal bouquet. Amongst your other flower choices are gladiola, carnations, calla lilies, roses, orchids, scabiosa, tulips, and daffodils.

    Wedding favours for January

    For a classy wedding in January, you can always consider wedding favours that are winter-inspired. Gel candles, snowflake key rings, and winter bookmarks are great choices. Tea light candles in silver or white as well as white soaps with special winter designs are also wonderful considerations. Snow globes, winter wine-stoppers, and scented pine cones will definitely be worth it.

    Wedding decorations for the month of January

    If you choose to follow a winter-themed wedding then your venue must be decorated according to your choice. Icicle lights can be placed on the venue to suit your theme. Faux fruits coated in sugar can be used as centerpieces to the tables. Ice sculptures may also be placed in the room to give that winter feel to the wedding.

    If you are looking for venues for wedding receptions in Toronto to be held in January then you can trust us. We will make sure that the venue will be prepared according to how you want it to impress your guests. We will make your wedding memorable. Just give us any specifications regarding your wedding or feel free to ask us questions on how we can make the venue work well with your theme.

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