• Handpicking The Right Venue For Your Event

    Posted on: 24 March, 2017 in: Blog

    Whether you are an event planner or simply looking to host your own event, what matters the most is getting the perfect venue that will make your occasion a smashing success. Picking an event venue is more than just identifying a location and be done with it. There are several special considerations that need to be put in place and therefore you need to do more research before settling on a venue. Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider when selecting an event hall in Toronto.

    Type of event

    Even before you start looking, you need to fully understand what type of event you wish to host. This point is vital because its plays a huge role in the type of venue you need to pick. Events are mostly grouped into two categories namely formal affairs and social events. Formal affairs include board meetings, shareholders meetings and press conferences. Social events have casual gatherings like weddings and proms just to mention a few. These two categories of events need different setup requirements like lighting and décor. You have to pick a space that will influence the overall feel of the event.

    Number of guests expected

    As much as this seems to be obvious, you need to realize that getting a space that is not right can have its effects. For instance, if you get a small space, your guests will be crowded and this will create an uncomfortable environment. This may lead to guests leaving early before the end of your event. On the other hand, if the space is too big then the room will feel deserted and it may seem like your event was under attended.

    You need to get the perfect space that allows everyone ample room for comfort. If you are not sure about the number of people attending, have an estimate and go with a bigger room rather than a smaller one. Ensure that the entire space is covered with chairs and tables In case it does not fill up to seem more inviting.


    How far you go with your event planning depends on the set budget. You need to ensure that all events expenses fit within your budget before picking a venue. Do a thorough research on several event venues for hire and compare prices. In as much as you are looking to cut on expenses, don’t be too quick to pick a venue just because it offers the lowest rates. Go check the place out and gauge if it is worth it. When you find a venue that fits within your budget, try and negotiate further for better rates and ask if they have any existing offers. It does not hurt to find out if they have included any free incentives in their package.


    You need to ask yourself a few questions before picking a location for your venue. Is the location accessible to most guests if not all, how many will come with private means  and if so is the parking space enough, do you need to provide shuttle services for those without cars or is there public transport available? These are just a few questions that will help you know whether you have picked the right venue or not. Picking a poor location can affect the attendance rate.


    Before picking an event venue you need to have a décor in mind that you plan to go with. Check both the interior and exterior space and see if what you have in mind will fit your aspirations. If you will not be doing the décor yourself, you need to bring your interior designer to confirm if the space available will work out or not.

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