• How To Hold A Family Fun Day For Your Business

    Posted on: 05 July, 2018 in: Blog

    There are several types of corporate events that you and the rest of your employees can enjoy. Amongst the top choices for a lot of people are family fun days where every employee can bring his family members in to the occasion. This event is one way to blend fun with work while also spending time with their loved ones. You have to take advantage of this opportunity because it will do a lot of good for your business. How do you celebrate such an occasion?

    Know what your options are for your family fun day

    Family day will actually be a blend of all your loved ones under one roof or in one venue. As you allow your staff to bring their family along with them, you will be able to boost their morale further. If you are to devote one whole day for this occasion, expect that you will need to socialise with all participants. Kids’ and adults’ games have to be carefully planned. You should have a great idea about the menu as well and see what other special activities will be great to celebrate this rare opportunity.

    Reward your staff

    Having the opportunity to gather families of your employees during this occasion will be a great way for you to reward your staff. Apart from the family fun day being a reward in itself, the event can be the best way to honour the work of your industrious employees. You can have a portion of the day to give awards to outstanding employees who have made a milestone for your business during the past year.

    Host a fundraiser

    The entire day can be devoted to a lot of things and including a fundraising activity in the picture will not hurt at all. Raising money for a charity of your choice will be a great way for employees and their families to participate in the endeavour. This is something unique and new for most of them especially the kids and through this, everyone will learn the value of paying things forward to the less fortunate people in the community.

    Look into the needs of your staff

    You may need to do a bit of homework in here and since you are holding this event to thank your staff and their family for their commitment, you do not want to commit the mistake of celebrating the day without knowing what they want. You will need to check on the number of participants for this occasion. Establish how many kids will be in the party. You will need to pass on a sheet of paper then do the counting later. From here, you know what you can include in the party – for the kids, husbands, and wives.

    Think of unique ideas to celebrate the day

    A family fun day is that rare instance when kids get to know each other better. You may host a treasure hunt for these kids or setup a bouncy castle inside the hall. There can also be areas where couples can mingle together and get to know their respective families even better. There can be booths around the area where the family can get food and drinks, play some games, and have some great action.

    Unique event venues in Toronto will make great venues to host this occasion. They are called unique simply because they can provide the varying needs of participants. They can take charge of setting up the hall and incorporate every detail of the occasion into it. They can setup booths for the fun day as well as tables and chairs where everyone else can mingle later. Just tell them what you want and they can arrange it for you.

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