• How To Host A General Assembly For Your Flourishing Business

    Posted on: 05 July, 2018 in: Blog

    If you have a business with several branches countrywide, then chances are that you may not have been given the chance to gather all your employees together from time to time unless it is an annual general assembly. Your annual gathering matters because it is a time when you can pay tribute to those who have performed well and a great moment to bond as a ‘family.’ While putting everyone else together for this celebration may be quite difficult, you know it is impossible for your employees to miss the event. It is a mandatory party, after all. Wonder how you can host this assembly?

    Start by picking a theme

    Taking on the usual theme every year will make the occasion boring. Your employees may even excuse themselves from the celebration because the entire thing is already predictable. Why not choose a party theme that everyone else with love. Send a poll to all your branches and ask them to choose from the themes that you have in mind. Ask suggestions from them too in order to encourage their participation.

    Assign tasks

    If you have several branches all over the country then you can easily delegate the tasks. Form a committee who will take charge of every important part of the celebration. One branch can be in charge of the games and prizes while another can be in charge of the food. You can also assign someone to look for the perfect venue that will accommodate you all. Someone must also take charge of the budget so you know how much will be allocated for the occasion.

    Plan for entertainment

    A general assembly is not strictly for business. After all, you have been having that usual staff all-year long. There may be some important matters to tackle but do not just focus on that formal part during the gathering. It will be better to entice everyone to participate by holding a contest where each branch will showcase their talents. They can choose from singing and acting to role playing, and dancing. They can plan for entertainment according to the theme of the party. If it is a luau you are hosting then expect everyone to show their Hawaiian dancing moves. You will surely be surprised by how creative your groups are with this part of the program.

    Surprise everyone

    What else can surprise your participants during an annual general assembly? You can hire a popular rock band who can keep everyone awake during the celebration. You can also choose an artist who is very popular these days. The entire team will surely be more than happy to discover during the occasion that there is a surprise guest who will perform right in front of their very eyes.

    Have a raffle draw

    Since this is an annual gathering (for others it can happen every two years), it will not be too much to give something back to your employees. Each employee will be given a number upon registration. These numbers will then be part of the raffle draw. Give away gadgets, appliances, cookware, and any other prize that you think they will love.

    Look for a place that can accommodate your entire workforce

    If you are expecting a hundred or more participants to your general assembly then it will be wise to choose from banquet halls in Etobicoke. By hiring one, you no longer have to think of how the entire venue will be prepared for the occasion. All you need to do is supervise and make sure everything will be ready for the gathering. You can even have the place decorated according to your theme for the event.

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