• How to Choose a Banquet Hall for Corporate Event

    Posted on: 18 January, 2019 in: Blog

    Banquet halls serve as the perfect venue for businesses seeking to host a dinner, an employee meeting, a family get-together, or even a press conference. Venues like convention centres, hotels and resorts usually provide banquet halls for events, etc. While choosing a banquet hall for an event, you cannot judge its quality and accessibility by looking at the venue provider’s website online. There are a number of different criteria that you should consider before finalising a banquet hall for your corporate event. To help you choose a banquet hall that will serve your requirements and demands perfectly, read the following tips–

    • Space

    If your organisation is planning to host a big event, you need to make sure that there is enough room for guests to move around and sit down comfortably. The venue must be spacious enough to occupy a good number of people. A small venue, on the other hand, can make guests feel uncomfortable. A hall that is adequately spacious can be decorated without any constraints coming in way. It can also be lit up to make up for the unused space. The more comfortable the venue is for the guests, the more successful your event is likely to be.

    • The Place

    There are a number of things that you need to take care of before signing any final contract with the venue provider. Check the condition of the space that you are going to use for your corporate event. Do not laze around about visiting the place and walking around to get an idea about the general ambience of the place. Check out the way leading to the  entrance and the exit. Note whether there is a handicapped ramp, adequate parking and other features or not. There should also be an availability of valet parking services for the convenience of your corporate guests. The condition of the restrooms should also be noted.

    • Picking Service

    Another important enquiry that you should make once you shortlist a few banquets is the services that they provide. Services like venue decoration, catering, etc. should be available at the venue. Any corporate event would need professional decoration and a few rounds of refreshments for their guests. Also, a corporate event would need equipment like microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi connection, etc. for smooth functioning. Ask your venue provider to confirm the availability of such equipment too.

    • Cost

    Ask your venue provider to give you an estimate regarding the total cost. Make sure that no costs are hidden to avoid any surprise at the end that might shock your budget. The cost per person, the cost for renting the equipment and the cost for catering should all be counted for.

    • Theme

    You also need to consider the type of event while booking a banquet hall. For a corporate event, the air in the hall should be professional. Make sure that proper care is taken of this aspect. From the decorations to the arrangement of the tables and chairs, everything should look professional.

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