• Ideas to Plan 50th Wedding Anniversary of Your Elderly Parents

    Posted on: 08 January, 2020 in: Blog

    Isn’t it nostalgic to realize that your older parents are soon about to complete half a century of their marriage soon this year? They managed to survive ups and downs of life together and doesn’t their unbreakable bond call for a real celebration?

    Whether you cheer for their long-term union by hosting a party at home or by arranging a private get-together at a restaurant or book a beautiful venue for a large social gathering, there are a lot of things you can do to mark the golden phase of their married life.

    Here are some exciting ideas that you can consider to plan this occasion and to make it unforgettable for your parents as well as the guest list:

    #1 – Send Out Glamorous Invitations

    Whether you are planning a casual party or a grand celebration, sending out creative invitations to your family, colleagues, and relatives is required. So, try to come up with unique designs for your tangible or digital invitations- something that symbolizes the integrity of your marriage.

    You can either look for a card theme online or set it yourself along with your graphic designer friends. You can also add their names in golden hues or paste their happy picture in a gold-toned paper frame.

    #2 – Decide on an Attractive Theme

    Usually, gold is a symbol of 50th wedding anniversary celebrations all over the globe. Therefore, incorporating the same color in your party theme is a wonderful idea. Dress your mom and dad in gold-toned attires and decorate the venue with gold color drapes to add more charm.

    You may also use wedding shots and photos of succeeding years of their lives together. That will not only create a cosy ambience but also leave long-lasting memories of their love in your family.

    #3 – Customize the Food Menu

    Besides a personalized anniversary cake, you should pay attention to good quality food and beverage menu if you want your lovely guests to enjoy to the core. Also, go ahead and ask your parents about their distinct choices and try to put all the items in your drafted menu.

    This would not only give you ample menu options but also give you a chance to honor their relationship with their favorite delicacies.

    #4 – Think About Entertaining the Guests

    Musical entertainment is essential to keep your celebration lively and happening. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to hire a DJ or a rock band or keep the musical affair a little low. Also, brainstorm a list of appropriate wedding songs and play the ones that are the couple’s favorite.

    Other than that, consider hiring other entertainers like magicians, photographers, caricature artists, belly dancers, etc. so that invitees of all age groups can have a gala time at the party.

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