• How To Know That You Are Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

    Posted on: 18 March, 2021 in: Blog

    When the day you waited for so long finally arrives, you want it to be perfect and memorable, for this is the day after which a new chapter of your life will begin. One starts to plan for their wedding at a young age, especially girls. To make sure that day comes out to be perfect, they imagine the wedding venue, dresses, and stuff related to the wedding. So, when the day comes, they pour their imagination into every aspect possible to make the special day a memorable part of their lives. The most important thing apart from wedding dress is the wedding venue.

    The venue of the wedding should be selected carefully as it will add to the essence of your big day.

    Here are some ways to know if you are choosing the right venue:


    Let your imagination flow:

    • First of all, you have to decide what kind of location you want your wedding to take place in. Whether it is an open wedding, a destination wedding, a small one, all in one, DIY wedding, etc., your venue will be decided based on your choice.
    • A unique selection of the area is what people will remember about your day. You may have the best food, the best band, and your favorite people around you at your wedding, but everything will be in vain if the location is not perfect.

    Consider your budget:

    • Do not try to select a venue that is not pocket-friendly. Choosing a venue not only includes renting a place but also food catering and decorations are attached with the same.
    • So, make sure to select a venue that gives you the maximum value of your money.


    Go through the guest list:

    • Your guest list will define how much area you will want for your wedding. Be certain that the number of people you invite gets accommodated in the place you selected.
    • It may happen that the place you like could not serve the number of people coming to the wedding, so be careful and talk to the manager about the aid.
    • Also, do not choose a place that is larger than the number of people coming. This will only lead to money wastage. Let the ceremony be a close-knitted affair so that people can feel more welcomed.

    Talk to the wedding planner:

    • If you tend to hire a wedding planner for your marriage, tell them beforehand what thought you have in mind regarding the place of the ceremony. Tell them about your idea of the venue and listen to theirs. You may get a better idea out of them because they are well-versed with their field of knowledge and have worked on other projects too.
    • We might be doing extra on our part, but the planner will know exactly what is needed and what is optional. They will guide you in making the right choice. You may also tell them to collaborate your idea with theirs and come up with a unique concept.

    Ensure the best quality food:

    • Food is what people go looking around after the ceremony. To satisfy your guests, make sure you are serving them good quality food. Select a venue that serves the best food, which is more likely to get appreciated by your guests.


    Don’t fall into the pressure:

    • Be true to yourself. Please do not fall for the choices your friends made on their wedding with their venue. Just because your friends chose an extravagant location that everyone is praising does not mean you have to make the exact same decision.
    •  Be true to yourself and ask if this is what I want? Whether it is going with my imagination? If I am choosing the right venue? And based on answers you get from your inner self, choose the most desirable venue.


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