• How To Make Your Cocktail Party A Unique Event

    Posted on: 30 April, 2018 in: Blog

    Have you ever been to a cocktail party? These types of parties are the best kind of events ever when done right. Like in films, in parties everything boils down to the director. Have you been to a boring party where there is no direction and people are not mingling with one another like they normally would. There needs to be dramatic tension and movement. Your guests should feel that they are in the place to be. One way to make that possible is for you the party planner to provide a direction! Determining what things to do and how to plan the time can get stressful. But we are here to help. Below are a few suggestions that will help in making your party a breeze.

    Send Out Invitations

    Before the party starts you will need to send out invitations. Try to send invitations to your guests in something apart from an envelope. This can help create a wow factor for the event. They may even get to keep the invitations as mini- souvenirs after the event is done. With a good knowledge of your guests, you can add something personal that they may like. When they arrive, everything must go according to plan.


    You should welcome your guests at the main entrance with a gift of a drink – it is best that you are the first person they meet – this is to make sure they feel welcomed. Already you have created the first conversation in motion. Set up stations of simple snack foods like canapes, nibbles, etc., in interesting places around your available space to ensure that people may have grounds to maneuver to all or any parts of the room.


    Provide your guests a wide selection of food and drinks. Start by giving simple bites, nuts, and olives then introduce fresh products in the next hour and so forth. Your guests will certainly have a feeling of theater and like that, your narrative is definitely in motion. Another best part about this is that it enables your guests to snack throughout the event without eating the same thing again and again. Never consider serving spirits or other drinks without food.

    Get The Party Decorations Right 

    An important element of every party is the utilization of space and the simplest way to do this is by distributing your adornments throughout the entire space so people do not feel like there is a central destination to be. Do not be concerned with just one central location. Consider spreading vases with new plants or simple features that match the overall theme throughout all of the spaces.

    Encourage Participation

    Simply because you are the host doesn’t imply you must serve every drink. Get people included which makes it simple for them to make the cocktail on their own. You can leave glasses and ice on a particular table so guests will feel free to refills as required. If you are blending drinks, display the recipe and motivate guests to try making the drinks themselves.

    Do Not Break Your Budget 

    You do not need to spend lots of money to make a great cocktail. Based on the size of the party, your liquor budget can increase fast. Do not go for costly drinks when something less expensive can get the work done.

    Select Budget Friendly Banquet Hall Service

    Hosting your event in a banquet hall can explicitly save lots of money. Instead of paying for independent caterers, event planners, professional photographers that may boil down to a costly event, banquet halls offer you all these in an all-inclusive package. You may get personalized support or services and that as well is better than what you will get when you have to book different caterers and bands and for your party. All you have to do is search and book an ideal hall and be confident that all will be done beautifully.

    With the above-mentioned tips in your toolbox, you won’t ever again have the worry of throwing a glamorous night party you will be happy to add your name and brand too.

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