• Need A Plan B For An Outdoor Wedding Reception Gone Wrong?

    Posted on: 30 October, 2017 in: Blog

    Mother Nature may shower you with her blessings on your wedding day or surprise you rudely altogether. Although it is the dream of many to get married under perfect blue skies with the sun smiling down gracefully, unexpected showers can be the reality. So if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding event, you better have a plan B just in case things do not go well with Mother Nature. With a plan B waiting in the wings, you can confidently have the outdoor wedding you have dreamed of without worrying about getting caught out of the blue.

    Put up tents

    Although it may come with an additional cost, you will not regret a bit when the weather changes. Tents are the ultimate solution when you need the best coverage from various elements. If you decide to take this route, inquire from the venue manager if tents are allowed on their property and whether there are prohibitions when hiring vendors. Once you are done, get a quote from the tenting company and add it to your to your backup plan budget. It is also equally important to let the vendors know exactly when you will require their tents for service.

    Outdoor and indoor venues

    There are wedding reception venues in Toronto that offer an option for indoor space, should the weather take a completely different turn. Golf courses, for instance, allow you to access an indoor venue and as such, you have to pay some fee for extra space reservation. This is actually worth the investment because it means keeping you and all your guests dry when there is an unexpected shower. Moreover, it is apparently not all or nothing with a backup plan. You can simply enjoy the blue skies for the better part of the day and shift indoors as soon as wet weather settles.

    Stalling for a while

    In particular, summers may have unexpected showers that fade out just as quickly as they come in. That is why you need to listen for the weather forecast on your special day. If the prediction says that there is likely to be showers that will shortly pass after your wedding event, you may have a word with your caterers and instruct them to arrange for a pre-ceremony reception characterized with hors d’oeuvres and classy beverages for a start.

    Passing rain may equate a sloppy wet lawn or one is that is too slick to stand on. Therefore, you should ask the venue manager for an outdoor dance floor for your guests or the wedding aisle and cocktail section to ensure dry feet and a clean gown for the bride.

    Warming it up 

    You can also turn up the heat when having your wedding outdoors to effectively combat least expected cold snaps. Just ensure that there are sufficient outdoor heaters to warm the place up if it starts to feel cold. In addition, you may have fire pits for some of your casual guests. With outdoor heaters perfectly set up, all you need are mugs of nice hot chocolate that will divert the attention of your guests from the cold.

    Stay protected

    Weather prediction is one of the most difficult things to do, even for expert meteorologists. A backup plan is a must-have item but you also need some additional protection. How? You wonder. Well, taking an event insurance for one is a great idea. This is because you can simply recoup part of the cost when the weather is too much.

    Therefore, you can simply plan for your dream wedding event, provided you have a good backup plan just in case the weather changes.

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