• Need to plan an event quickly? Here’s what you should do

    Posted on: 12 April, 2022 in: Blog

    Planning an event can be a pretty difficult task, especially if it’s a big one. If you’re in charge of your friend’s baby shower or your company’s corporate party, it can be a lot of tasks that could fill up your mind. It’s best always to plan and begin the work quickly, even if the event is far away. However, it can be a mess if you are told on short notice and need to plan everything from scratch. You’d need to manage everything from the venue to the guest list when the event is just a short while away. However, you can still plan a perfect evening and show your event management skills. If you’re in a similar situation, keep reading.

    Planning an event or party involves several tasks like the venue, food, decorations, guest lists, etc., before the day. You’d need to take extra care if it’s a corporate event as your reputation could be at stake. Furthermore, getting a suitable venue can be difficult because of early bookings. You should look for a beautiful banquet hall and plan the decoration according to the event type. Let’s look over what you should do if you’re on short notice to plan a party:

    Handle the venue and decoration

    Finding an available banquet hall can be difficult on short notice. People often book venues in advance, and you’d need to give some time to find the best place. You should book a banquet hall depending on the guests and event type. Also, once you have the venue, you should plan the decoration theme and pick the best one for your party. You could do a cocktail theme and keep a similar dress code too. Either way, start off with finding a perfect banquet hall.

    Handle the guest list

    You should begin the guest list and check the total number of people for the party. It would also help out in the venue as you should pick a suitable place that would easily fit everyone. Also, once you send our invites, know about the number of people who’d definitely be there for the event. So, work with your company or friend to make the guests list. Ensure that you send out invites as soon as possible. It would help people prepare for the event and ensure a good turnout too.

    Plan the catering

    You could choose the banquet hall’s caterers or pick your own service for the event. However, booking a total package would help you save time and quickly go ahead with the preparations. If it’s a wedding or a baby shower, consider the preferences of the couple or the mother in picking the food items. Also, you should view the budget range for the entire event to shortlist options for the venue and food easily. So, begin the work now and prepare the guest list while looking for the venue. Once you have that, send out invites quickly. Also, pick food items that would fit the event type and try them out before booking.

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