• How To Organize The Best Dinner Dance

    Posted on: 30 October, 2017 in: Blog

    Are you planning to organize a dinner dance event but have no clue on how to go about it? Do not worry. There are simple steps that you can follow to get there. Organizing the best dinner event requires planning, finding a perfect venue, working on your guest list and sorting food among other things that you are going to learn as you read on.

    Finding a perfect venue

    When deciding on the venue for the dinner dance event, you need to find a place that is exceptionally exciting. One of the best options to consider as event venues is an event hall in Toronto. It comes with all the packages needed for a great dinner dance event. There is a fancy place set aside for dining and an amazing dance floor where couples dance to the night after wining and dining. Once you have made reservations, you will be one step ahead.

    Organizing your guest list

    You can expect a nightmare if you go ahead and have an event without a guest list. Creating a guest list may sound like a really boring thing to do but it really helps. Nothing is as comforting as the assurance that you have a group of 30 guests all arriving at once in your venue. Since that is quite a number to work with in a dinner dance event, you definitely need a guest list to quickly tick guests off and allow them to find a nice place to seat and grab drinks as they await the event to unfold. Therefore, ensure you have a guest list with you always as it will come in handy when booking a banquet hall

    Work on catering needs early

    The last thing you want your guests to experience on the dance floor is tummy issues. That is why you need to communicate early enough about the dietary requirements of your guests to ensure that everyone enjoys the event without worrying about unexpected nature calls. It is always recommendable to have vegetarian option when hosting a dinner event. See to it that vegetarians have their enough share of meal to line their stomachs.

    Table plans and seating arrangement

    Table plans should be used to ensure order. They should be large enough with very clear fonts. If you want a theme, you may try something funky that involves table plans with names of stars such as George Clooney. No one will easily forget that their table is George Clooney. The names should be in alphabetical order. On seating arrangement, you can either mix up people who are not familiar with each other or choose to have friendship groups sitting together. Your choice will greatly impact the party mood.

    Level of entertainment

    When starting of the dancing, be sure to have either a particular act or live band on stage. This is actually the best way to get people to the dance floor and prevent the awkward half hour moment where no one wants to be the first one to hit the dance floor. Next you need to ensure that there is an excellent DJ who will make the dinner dance event an epic night for your guests. Once the live band has everyone on their feet, your DJ should keep them on the dance floor.

    Creating a theme

    It is a great way for getting all the guests started on the same note before the dinner dance even begins. So if you are going to have a theme, then do it the best way possible. Fancy wear is a great way to create memorable photos and humorous talking points. That means you have to dress the venue accordingly as well.

    With these tips in mind, you can plan for an amazing dinner dance event without hassle. Once you have everything in place, you can join your guests and enjoy the night!

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