• How to organize an event at Convention Centre amid COVID-19

    Posted on: 05 February, 2021 in: Blog

    A convention center is a large building designed to hold a conference where groups gather to promote or share standard views or interests. Convention centers are used for holding meetings and exhibitions. An exhibition is a large hall where pictures are displayed on some topic. No doubt the convention center industry has grown with the economic expansion and urban development but, the industry came off track when the COVID_19 hit the world. Today, when every business is reopening, governments of different countries have now allowed holding meetings in Convention Centre. Now that business is reopening, what should be your responsibility to ensure that every session is held safe? Well, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that every meeting that is to be held is safe for both staff and the attendees.

    • Prepare the staff according to the “new norm.”

    With the reopening of every business comes the challenge of working according to new normal to ensure safety. You should train staff to prepare and execute the operational plans. Make sure to provide staff with the tools and information necessary regarding infection control, physical distancing, interactions with guests, and enhanced hygiene measures, including handwashing, the mandatory use of masks and gloves. You should ensure continuous monitoring of team members’ well-being by leadership, encouraging them to follow governmental and WHO guidelines. Apart from training the staff, you should develop a COVID-19 prevention plan, including an action/checklist for infection prevention and special cleaning and disinfection plans.

    • Take a check on crowd control.

    The most critical safety measure in this pandemic is to prevent over gathering of people. It is crucial to keep a check on the crowd and only allow those many people by which the hall doesn’t get overcrowded and proper social distancing is followed. To ensure this, you can do various things like attendee flow management, and you must keep a check on all the routes entering and leaving the convention center. You must also start a registration process for attendees so that you get to know how many people are attending the conference and close the registration when the decided capacity is full. Hence follow this step to ensure the meeting is held with proper social distancing.

    • Be transparent to your clients.

    Now that you’re done with managing all the safety measures, it is now essential to regain clients’ faith. This can only be done when you are transparent with your clients and explain to them all the safety measures you are following. You should provide clear, consistent, and enhanced communication with customers on new health & hygiene safety protocols. Share participating guidelines with the attendees before the conference via various means like emails, contact no, etc. This will make people clear that any conference held at your convention center is being held safely, which will help you in attracting other clients as well.


    Also, the venue should set up a medical service point and ensure the team can deal with COVID-19 cases if any such situation happens. So get started all over again and take your business at the same height where it was before the pandemic.


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