• How to Plan a Never Forgetting Bridal Shower

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    A bridal shower is a special event hosted by best friends and family members to make the bride-to-be feel special. The selection of a unique theme can turn the event into a never forgetting bridal shower. It can be an event either for ladies only or gents can also be welcomed depending on the theme and idea of the party.

    Being a BFF or sister of the bride, it becomes your priority to make her feel the most special person by organizing a bridal shower for her. And being the host of the party, it becomes your duty to make sure that everything at the party is well organized.


    Don’t know how to plan an unforgettable bridal shower?

    No worries! We are here with a perfect plan that can make the party a success.


    1. Firstly make the guest list –

    If you don’t want anyone to be left without an invite, then make sure to prepare a guest list. Otherwise, you may forget some important relatives or friends due to your busy schedule. Get the list checked by the bride so that she can add anyone if she wants.


    1. Now it’s time to decide the date –

    After the guest list is ready, decide the date for the party when everyone will be available. The wedding shower is usually organized two to three months before the marriage. So if there is less time left, start planning now. You can send an email or message to all the invitees to confirm the date. You can provide them with date options. It will help you in finalizing the date as you will know when most of the invitees can make out for the soiree.


    1. Don’t forget the budget –

    Now you have to plan the budget so that you can select the venue and other things. Don’t do this budget thing entirely by yourself. Talk to family members and close friends of the bride-to-be. Don’t push anyone to spend more. Keep in mind that some have more while others have less. So consider the opinion of everyone and then set the budget accordingly. As you are the host, so it is your duty to update everything in the group chat.


    1. Select venue and catering –

    Once the budget is decided, you can go for selecting the venue. Choose a banquet hall that is already having an aesthetic appeal. Such a banquet hall will decrease your expenditure on decor. Also, make sure that the owner of the venue assists with decorating the venue as per your theme.

    Now select the menu depending on the size of the guest list. Some venue owners provide the service of catering, and some don’t, so make sure to ask.


    1. Choose a theme –

    Select a theme that the bride will enjoy the most. Don’t forget to include her favorite games and activities. Sit with other friends and plan something creative and unique.


    1. Send Invitations –

    Send the invitations four to five weeks before the party. It can be an e-invite or a printed card. It will depend on the budget. If you want to save, then go for beautifully customized e-invites.

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