• How You Should Plan Your Private Estate Wedding

    Posted on: 01 February, 2018 in: Blog
    How You Should Plan Your Private Estate Wedding

    Estate weddings are beautiful, exclusive, and offer a breath of fresh-air for any wedding. Be it a beach view estate, the rolling hillsides of a ranch, or a winery rental property, estate weddings have ended up being the best destinations for a wedding you will never forget. Estate weddings come with many advantages, such as bringing in your alcoholic beverages and staying away from costly hotel bar deals. However, you might also find other charges and difficulties behind estate weddings. Let’s look at some of the factors you need to think about before you choose to have an estate wedding.


    While the price of renting an estate for a wedding looks cheaper than that of a resort or country club, you need to factor in other added costs. Other wedding venues calculate their cost with a food-and-beverage minimum amount. Do note that catering, personnel, kitchen, and other fundamental services are included in the amount you pay. For estate weddings, expect your leasing expenses to add up even more. Remember, your caterer will likely need a whole kitchen, including tables, ranges, ovens, pop-up tents, and light. Additionally, you will need to lease the tables and other containers. But if you choose to hire an event hall in Toronto, most of these things are included.

    Cautious Planning 

    An estate wedding requires more planning, and you have to be careful because there is more room for errors. For example, using your alcohol is incredibly economical. However, the money you need to buy varies from wedding to wedding because of the age group of guests, the season, venue, among other factors. If most of your guests suddenly decide to use something you don’t have, you could run into problems. Since rental halls have a big stock of whatever you need, you won’t ever go out options.

    Get Professional Help 

    With a lot of information to take into account, it is comforting to have a pro who know how to organize unique event venues in Toronto to plan and facilitate everything for you. Experienced event organizers provide considerable contracts between clients and homeowners that spell out precisely what they ought to anticipate from one another. This may look like too much, but experience has taught wedding event pros that whenever both wedding couples and the estate owners should agree on something beforehand. There will be less chance for misunderstandings and costly errors. These agreements are legal and binding.

    Yes, the risk is a factor. There are issues of booking someone who is not certified to represent the estate. There are stories regarding homes rented without owners’ authorization, or caretakers renting away properties for different events when the estate owners are out of the city. That is why an agreement between you the renter and the owner of the estate mutually beneficial.

    Having a specialist you can rely on is essential to helping you balance both your dreams and the truth. A stunning real estate and the high feelings of wedding planning could be blind to the even more pragmatic components involved. It is therefore more comforting to know you have a reliable event specialist working for you.

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