• Plan A Successful Corporate Event Using These Tips.

    Posted on: 29 September, 2020 in: Blog

    A corporate event is not limited to executive meetings around a round table in a large conference room. This is only the final stage of any corporate event; however, such events can have many other aspects- hospitality, exhibitions, conventions, fundraisers, employee engagements, client entertainment, and so on. Planning and executing a successful corporate event is a humongous task, especially because no mistake can be entertained. Although every aspect may not be linked to the actual business negotiations, they are certainly very impressionable.

    Ideally, one should start planning for such an event at least a year in advance, so that there is sufficient time for last minute adjustments. We have compiled a checklist of everything you need to make your corporate event a massive success.


    1. In the first six months:

    This is essentially your planning stage. The things to complete during this time include:

    • Preparing your budget: meet up with the organisers to understand what they are looking for, explain your proposal to them and draw a budget that you absolutely need to stick to.
    • Choose a theme for the event: we don’t mean you have to choose a Trick or Treat theme, but it is important o choose one that aligns with the mood of the event and would resonate with everyone attending it.
    • Choose a date: consult the organisers and settle on a date for your event. It is important to keep one or more buffer dates in between, in case you need to make any last minute arrangements.
    • Choose a venue and select vendors: these should be done very carefully, so you should shortlist at least five venues, weigh the benefits and then settle on the one that suits you the best.


    1. In the next three months:

    This is the implementation and publicity stage.

    • Finalise your vendors and speakers.
    • Start promotion for the event in different creative ways.
    • Finalise your stand with the event sponsors.
    • Start sending out reminders for the event.
    • Finalise your venue and all associated details.
    • Start putting together a schedule for the days of the event.


    1. In the last one month before the event:

    Showtime is almost here; hence this is the stage of action. By now, all major points such as venue, budget, sponsorships, promotions and marketing, vendor details and so on, should be finalised well enough for you to be able to go through all of them in your draft schedule. You need to push promotions more aggressively and creatively to gather an audience for your event, and keep sending reminders to all attendees.

    1. The week before the event:

    It is D-Day, and you should always be on your feet, being thorough with every part of the event inside out. All your months of planning will come down to this one stressful week where you must:

    • Prepare an event schedule combing all the drafts
    • Be ready to hand out scripts to all attendees
    • Send final reminders to vendors, speakers and all attendees.
    • Lastly, DOUBLE CHECK everything.
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