• How to Plan the Ultimate Baby Shower

    Posted on: 08 June, 2019 in: Blog

    Birth of the baby is the most special feeling that parents can sense. They enthusiastically welcome their baby by arranging a baby shower party. All the nears and dears shower their blessings on the mother and her arriving newborn. Isn’t it a cute thing? So yes, it is mandatory to make this event ultimate and memorable.

    Also, these days, baby shower parties post the birth of the baby are in trend too. So it is entirely up to you that whether you want to arrange the shower pre or post the delivery of the newborn.


    Now, if you are looking at how to plan an ultimate baby shower then, here are some basic ideas that you should study.


    1. Deciding when and who –

    Before deciding anything, the most important thing to decide is when to throw this lovely treat. Generally, it is held between the 30th and 36th week of the baby bump. While choosing the date, make sure that you are free from any work so that you can concentrate on the arrangements and family. If you are planning the shower for someone else, then don’t forget to ask about the availability of the parents. Then make a list of guests whom you want to invite. Based on the number of invitees, further arrangements will be made.


    1. Choosing a venue for a baby shower –

    Now that guest list and date is finalized, its time to look or a venue. There are two choices whether you want to arrange it at home or rented venue. For small gatherings in home parties are the best idea, but if you are planning to throw a lavishing party to welcome your baby then look for a banquet hall for baby shower. This may cost extra but will reduce the stress of arrangements to a great extent, and you can concentrate on enjoying the party and greeting your guests.


    1. Selecting a baby shower theme –

    It all depends on you whether you want a theme based party or not. The best thing about setting a theme is that it will make all things look coordinated and unified. Some trendy theme ideas are polka dot theme, monochrome theme, pretty in a pink or floral theme.


    1. Baby shower decoration and props –

    There are endless props available to choose from for your event. Based on the theme and colors of the venue, you can select balloons, confetti, garlands, streamers, and cake toppers. These little things can add wow factor to the shower.


    1. Baby shower food, drinks, and cake –

    Think about what kind of food and beverages you want to be served among your guests. Some preferred drinks and food include tacos, cheese boards, pies, cupcakes, mocktails, soft drinks, cotton candy, and macarons.


    1. Game ideas for fun –

    Some unique and easy game ideas that your guests can enjoy are – baby shower quiz, baby shower bingo, and the baby price is right.

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