• How to Plan a Wedding During COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Posted on: 02 July, 2020 in: Blog

    Weddings are one of the most exclusive events of life where couples take vows to stay together for the rest of their lives. The ceremony is filled with greetings, hugs and kisses. As you all know that the world is shaken because of the pandemic, taking precautions, and keeping oneself save must be the prime duty of everyone.

    Although the lockdown is over and COVID-19 event restrictions are lifted, you need to make some adjustments for the safety of everyone if you are thinking of getting married amidst coronavirus situation. Since public gatherings can pose a high risk and result in the spread of the virus, government officials have come up with new rules and guidelines for conducting ceremonies involving public.

    By the time your wedding day commences, all your guests would learn the new normal― no hugs, no kissing and no unnecessary touching. One can show love from a distance too! Yes, Social Distancing!


    How to work social distancing at your wedding-


    1) Guest count-

    Considering the guidelines, you can plan your wedding with 50 members since fewer the number of people, lesser the chance of COVID-19. Don’t be upset by the fact since safety is the priority and with the use of technology, you can Livestream your wedding for the loved ones who are miles away. Besides, it is important to keep the older adults’ home as they have low immunity and may have a higher risk of catching coronavirus.

    Although international travel is limited, yet if your parents are away and you desperately want them with you, plan their emergency travel earlier so that they can quarantine themselves before the wedding.



    2) Plan your wedding format-

    Once you get an estimate of the number of guests who will be able to attend your wedding, you can consider some of the innovative formats-


    • Carrying out the vital part of the wedding― minimony- This option is valid for couples who can’t wait to take the vows and the mini-ceremony can take place with a handful of attendees. Once the COVID-19 situation is over, you can throw a grand party for your loved ones.


    • Plan a Micro wedding- There is nothing wrong in hosting a wedding with 50 guests on your list. Claireport Place offers a venue for arranging the best of weddings, even with the limited guests. Top-shelf bar, gourmet eats and live entertainment can make your micro-wedding happening. You can throw a grand party in future.


    3) Make masks mandatory-

    Instead of shopping for matching robes and socks, one can go for matching masks. You will have to include a wedding face mask to go with the bridal ensemble and the groom’s outfit. Another thing you can do is to keep dress codes and mask codes stating bride on the masks worn by people from the bride’s side and groom on the masks worn by the guests from the groom’s side or you can rely on the color combinations of masks differentiating both the sides.


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