• How To Plan Your Wedding Seating Perfectly

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    If you ask many wedding planners, they will tell you that arranging a wedding seating plan can be a daunting task. As much as planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, planning a wedding seating lies very low at the enjoyment scale. The challenge comes when you have to decide which members of the family and friends to place at the front seats and who gets stuck at the corner table. Before planning a wedding seating, you have to pick one of the wedding reception venues in Toronto that will suit the number of guests you plan to invite in your wedding. The following tips will guide you on where to seat your guests to ensure that all of them have a great time.

    Create a wedding seating chart

    You need to create a wedding seat chart to ensure your reception flows smoothly. You don’t have to go to details and assign each guest a chair they will be sitting on but you can state the specific people to occupy a certain table. Once they know which table to take, they can decide on their own who sits next to whom. However, if you are a specific person you can pick out the sitting order in a table. Ensure that the group of people you place in a certain table are able to talk to each other so that everyone can enjoy their evening.

    Include your VIPs in the planning

    In a wedding, VIP guests include parents and close friends and associates. You may need to include them in the seating plan and ask their opinion on who they think should be placed near them during dinner. There is nothing worse than placing a group of people who cannot talk freely to each other. This can dampen a table’s mood and in turn affect the rest of the guests in the room.

    Consider the floor plan

    When planning the seating arrangement, you need to have the floor plan in mind. Know where the band will be located, the caterers and where you plan to put the VIP guests. Knowing these details will then help you to seat different guests in different locations. For example, you need to place older guests far from the band and people on wheelchairs can be placed near the dance floor so that they can move freely. The younger hip guests can seat near the band so that they can easily get up and enjoy the music as it plays along. Ensure that the VIP area has the best seats with a better view of all the guests.

    Keep your wedding party close together

    You need to keep your wedding party close by your seating area as possible. There are three groups of people that are usually considered to sit at the VIP section and they include the bride and groom, the parents and the wedding party. Putting your wedding party on the VIP section show them that you value their presence and effort in making your wedding a success. The VIP section should be near the dancing floor for easy access to the bride and groom.

    Be creative on placement cards

    The final thing you need to put in place after deciding where everyone else will sit is to design placement cards that will direct everyone to their seats. These are usually placed at the entrance and guests check where they need to sit to avoid confusion. You can choose to place the guests in an alphabetic order for quick access or you can have a numbered list with guest’s names and place numbers on the respective tables. This helps to seat the guests down quickly in time for your grand entrance.

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