• A Practical Guide On How To Organize A Cultural Ceremony

    Posted on: 30 September, 2017 in: Blog

    Planning a cultural ceremony or event can be stressful If you don’t plan well ahead of time. If it is your first time to organize a cultural ceremony, you will soon find out that not everything runs according to plan and you may have to face various challenges. It is vital to remain peaceful and calm at all times when organizing for an event even when things do not go as planned. We have listed a number of key points you need to keep in mind when organizing for a cultural ceremony.

    Define the purpose and format

    What is the purpose of your ceremony? Is it to raise funds for a project, express gratitude to partners, convey knowledge to participants or offer aesthetic pleasure? Having the right answer to this question will help you to create a format for the event. The format will allow you to come up with a concept, role distribution, timing and duration, catering, sound and the layout of the hall. Try to be creative and do not get stuck in traditional formats.

    Pay sufficient attention to planning

    The plan should include the promotion, content and logistics of the events. If you have a team to help you, ensure that you prepare a list of the main tasks indicating who will be doing what. Make sure you give detailed instructions on what everyone is supposed to do. To speed up the process, place a deadline to each task. Use Google templates where all the members of your team can access your list. If members of your team are not tech savvy, you can rely on the good old excel to do the job.

    Draft your budget

    With a list of tasks to do, it is easy to come up with an estimate budget. Make sure that you think of a reserve taking into account unforeseeable situations. Having some extra cash in your budget saves you a lot of time and stress in case there are changes to be made in a short time.

    Think about all the details

    When it comes to planning a cultural event, nothing should be overlooked. If you want your guests to be impressed, you will have to think down to the smallest details. Think who will greet your guests, how they register, how your presentations look, how your team will dress, what to do during breaks and so forth. To create the wow effect, you need to exceed your guest’s expectations in the most ordinary things. What exactly creates the feel of an event all lies in the details.

    Check the location and have a plan B

    Choosing the venue to hold your event should always be done early in the planning stages. Depending on the number of guests you are expecting, there are a number of banquet halls in Etobicoke you can choose from that suits the format of your event. Visit the venue and take a tour to ensure that everything is in perfect working condition. Check out the air conditioning system, whether there are disabled facilities and such. Even after you find the perfect venue for your event, it is wise to have a backup venue just in case of last minute emergencies or cancellations.

    Inform your audience about the ceremony

    Make sure that you send invitation cards to invitees early enough. This is to allow those who need to travel from far make their travelling plans in advance. Do not just rely on invitation cards to invite your guests, you can send them follow up emails or put the invitation on your social media forum like Facebook. Make sure that you give detailed information on your invitations especially the location’s directions.

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