• How To Prepare For Your Next Big Event A Year Early

    Posted on: 06 January, 2018 in: Blog

    Perhaps you are planning to hold a big event a year from now. You may think it is still early to make the necessary plans but knowing that it can be very stressful will make you agree to doing all the plans right now. Preparations must be as effective as the event. Here are important things to include in your preparations when you are holding a big event next year.

    Prepare your event marketing timeline

    It is important to divide all the marketing events into one timeline to make sure they are covered within your one year of preparation. The first thing that you must do is breakdown the event according to milestone – from pre-event, ticketing launch, and daily tasks to the last preparations you must make. From here, you should choose your channels including partners, influencers, and social media platforms to market the event. Once you are ready with all these, you can easily plan your schedule accordingly.

    Assign tasks to other people in the team

    It is not always about you. While you may be the head of the planning stage, all other tasks have to be disseminated to the most responsible people you can trust out there. Know your team by referring to a previous event and seeing through the list of who were responsible for a particular task. Make sure you only choose someone who is responsible enough to carry on the assignment. You will need a point person even for the smallest details of the event so you have to be prepared with the list of who to assign to this and that.

    There should also be a communication plan

    A communication plan is where you will place the persons you should talk to for the most important parts of the event. It can include people you need to call for the venue, for the freebies, or for the decorations. You can map this one out visually so that it will be easier for you to remember the dates and the important people that you must communicate with in the process.

    Make sure you are prepared for the next big event after this

    At least, you must have a date in mind for the event that you will hold after this next big one. Attendees will have all their eyes and ears on you after the closing ceremonies. You must be ready with the choice of date so that they will anticipate it.

    Choosing dates can be based on a few factors. First, you might want to stay safe and announce a date that is the same as the event date you have been previously using. Second, make sure that you have also checked the calendar and have seen when your competitors are holding their respective events. You do not want holding an event on a holiday as well.

    Choose your venue in advance

    Many popular venues are booked in advance to make sure that there is a place that can accommodate your event. If it is a big event then you will need a big space to hold yours. You have a lot of choices in this regard. It is either you go for a traditional venue that your loyal attendees have loved all through these years or you might want something new, or more refreshing for everyone.

    When you have considered a new venue and you want to make sure you impress on your next big event then consider using one of our unique event venues in Toronto. Book with us in advance and we can make sure we will prepare the things you need from a venue to make your event successful. We got your event covered even if you book a year in advance.

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