• Qualities a Good Conference Or Retreat Venue Must Have

    Posted on: 15 September, 2019 in: Blog

    When organising an event, several ideas may conjure in your mind but in the process you will see that only a few of those ideas get implemented. Amongst the several other things that need to be decided upon like the food menu, the playlist, and the decoration, finding the perfect venue for a conference or for a retreat can be the most daunting one.

    Have you ever thought this way that the success of the conference or the retreat can entirely depend on the venue of the event?

    Well it does and thus, finding a venue to host you conference or retreat is of utmost importance and needs much consideration. Read on to find out the golden qualities that cannot be missed out while deciding on the venue for a conference or retreat!

    ·      Location–You have probably considered this already but if you want most of the concerned people to attend the event, the venue must be easily accessible. People tend to attend events which is easily reachable through transportation rather than to travel to some destination in the outskirts. Always consider traffic, availability of transportation and parking while selecting a venue. If majority of your invitees are attending the event from out of town, then a venue closer to the airport will be beneficial. It should also have plenty of parking so that arrival will be very convenient for your guests.

    ·      Experience–Now comes the crucial part of selecting a venue. Transcending from website to reality, a lot can vary between what is promised and what actually is offered. Look beyond the beautiful images provided in the website, lucrative recreational benefits and promises proposed by the sales executives, and judge for yourself the amenities and facilities offered. Give your guests an experience of grand luxury that they will remember for years to come.

    ·      Technology–If you are booking a venue to host a conference, what will you need the most to conduct the conference with ease? Yes, the internet connection! Before confirming a venue, always make sure to know whether the venue has a LAN connection or is WIFI enabled. Always ensure that the conference rooms are HDMI compatible and has excellent audio equipment. In times of a crucial conference, the availability of a simple USB to LAN converter in the conference room can prove to be life saving.

    ·      Catering – No effort is too much in order to ensure that your guests get the best quality of food at the conference they are attending. If that requires you to go in for a tasting session a couple of times without prior announcement, your effortsare most welcomed. The best conference venues offer a menu which is filled with special cuisines from all over the world. It includes Italian, Portuguese, North American, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, West Indian, Caribbean, South Asian and Sri Lankan flavours prepared by some of the best chefs in the region. 

    ·      Ambiance – Last but not the least, ambiance of a venue will help you decide whether it is best suited for you for hosting the conference or a retreat. It is of utmost importance that the ambiance of the venue is clearly aligned with not only the image that you are trying to project, but also that it is the most appropriate place for your respected delegates as well. 

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