• Quick tips to choose the perfect Banquet Hall for your corporate event

    Posted on: 07 September, 2018 in: Blog

    Corporate events are vital for every successful company. Such events not only bring attention to towards the company but also enable industry colleagues to connect with the business in addition to giving an opportunity for employees to get a break from the office routine.

    Whether you are running a corporate event, an employee meeting, or even a press conference; the right banquette hall makes all the difference. When organizing such corporate events, you are confronted by many decisions and the banquette you choose will have a huge impact on your event’s success.

    Choosing a banquette is one of the most important and challenging aspects as this will have the largest impact on your event. To make this task a bit easier for you, here are 6 tips for choosing a great venue for your next corporate event.


    1. Location and Accessibility:

    The success of your event largely depends on the location of the event venue which impacts the event’s attendance. To maximize guests’ participation, make sure that the location of your venue is easily accessible with proper transport facilities. In the case of a local event, find a venue within a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work. It is important that attendees can easily arrive by air, rail or automobile to the location. If the number of attendees from out of town is more, a venue near the airport or their hotels will be beneficial. Moreover, ensure that there is sufficient parking space or valet services for attendees who chose to drive to the venue.

    1. Food and Beverage:

    What makes an event most memorable is, definitely, the “Food” which ultimately makes it successful. Great food will make guests remember your event for years. However, for corporate events, this aspect is a bit tricky. Such events require a variety of appetizing food options. Make sure the banquette you choose caters to the needs of everyone, considering vegans, gluten-free and those with special diets. It is best to be prepared for additional last-minute attendee’s requests. Furthermore, keeping in mind the type of event, check for best bar arrangements.

    1. Expert event staff:

    The strength of any banquette lies in its staff which has the potential to make or break an event. Always look for a venue which is known for its expert, efficient, knowledgeable, and polite staff. Also, check for the attendee to venue staff ratio to ensure there will be enough wait staff, concierge support, and security for your event.

    1. Capacity and Space:

    Always inquire about the capacity. This includes the number, size, and configuration of meeting rooms and exhibit space. Bear in mind the room capacity of the venues and size of the banquette in accordance with the number of attendees. The capacity and space are of paramount for the look and smooth flow of an event. Make sure there is ample space to accommodate your guests without being cramped or being too spread out.

    1. Facilities:

    To plan a memorable gathering, choosing the right setting with the best facilities is foremost. From audiovisual equipment, stages, and microphones, a corporate event requires it all. A perfect venue should fulfill all requirements related to slideshows, an elaborate production, concert or other large events. Check for AV and lighting capabilities. Never forget to check if the venue offers charging stations and Wi-Fi availability. You would certainly don’t like to see your attendees searching around for their mobile device stall or being unable to find Wi-Fi connectivity.

    1. Ambiance:

    Find a venue for your event which matches your needs. The interiors, existing decor inside the venue as well as the architecture impacts the whole look of your event. Whether it’s a corporate gala, corporate holiday party, corporate conference, or an expo, the ambiance should match the desired feeling of your event. In order to have a sense of the ambiance and look of the venue, you should check out its previous functions photographs. In addition to this, check for acoustics. Poor acoustics may ruin everything. The loud sound makes it hard to hear others and strain your hearing.

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