• Quick Tips To Help You Select An Event Venue

    Posted on: 31 July, 2017 in: Blog

    You have been planning an event for months in advance. You have chosen a date and a theme, but what about the venue? Many options exist these days from outdoor venues, conference centers to hotel rooms. The type of event you are holding will largely be a determining factor in where you want to hold the event. Other factors will help you choose the right venue. Let us explore them in depth.

    Type of event

    As stated earlier, the type of event will largely determine what venue you should use.  Particular events like board meetings, shareholders’ meetings, press conferences, and other formal events will require a venue that reflects the event. Similarly, more casual events like networking sessions and theme parties will require a different type of venue.  That being said, certain aspects of décor and lighting can change the appearance of a room. This means that you can turn a venue like a warehouse for example into a space that can be used as a venue for a shareholders’ meeting.

    The number of people attending

    The number of people attending will determine how big or small the size of the venue will be. If you are expecting a small number of about 20 people, it does not make financial sense to hire out a big banquet hall. If you are expecting a large number people and the venue is too small, the guests will be uncomfortable and may want to leave. Having an estimate of how many people are attending will help you pick out a venue with the right amount of space. If you are not sure of how many people to expect, it is safer to go with a larger space. Use furniture and decorations to cover up spaces that do not appear inviting.

    The budget

    One of the determining factors of the venue of your event will be held is the budget.  Before you go on a venue-hunting spree, ensure that you get a detailed breakdown of all possible expenses related to the venue that you would choose. These include things like equipment rentals, food and drink expenses, office services, facility costs, payment options and other expenses.

    To help you with your decision-making process, it is paramount that you get quotations from many venues. The first response you get may not be the best deal in town. Once you have these you can use them as leverage and gain negotiating power to get better deals at the venue you wanted.

    Policies of the venue 

    Before you make any agreements or sign anything that will finalize your venue selection, ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions that they have which may directly have an impact on timing. When choosing an event hall in Toronto, find out how much advance notice the venue staff needs so that you can avoid fines for things such as receiving shipments and event cancellations.

    Food and beverage

    You will have to decide if you are looking for a venue that has a kitchen on-site and can provide food for your event, as well having a liquor license. In such cases, you should inquire if it is possible for the venue to waive the facility fee and instead opt for a deposit food and drink. If this does not work, find out if they are open to collaborating with food and drink vendors.

    Other considerations

    After you have secured your venue, look at how you would want to transform the space into a suitable space for your event.  Also, take into consideration the acoustics of the room if music or sound is a huge element in your event.

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