• Why The Size Of Your Wedding Reception Venue Should Never Be Taken For Granted

    Posted on: 27 February, 2017 in: Blog

    Organizing a wedding is usually an affair that is both exciting and harrowing depending on how one goes about it. With a few tips, one can reduce the chances of the process being tiring by simply having the right strategy from the word go. One of the major issues you will need to take care of is choosing the venue for the wedding and reception. Making the wrong decision regarding this could potentially lead to a less than appealing wedding, since many aspects of the wedding will be affected by the nature of the wedding and reception venue. Paying close attention to the process of choosing one is therefore critical.

    An important consideration when doing this is choosing a venue that has enough space for all your guests. There are many times when people get this wrong, and this could cost you in a number of ways. If you rent a venue that is too large compared to the number of people attending the wedding, you may waste money on the rental and the venue may seem depressing since there will be a lot of empty space. This can make the impression that there are not many people attending the wedding. On the other hand, renting a space that is too small will lead to a lot of congestion, to the point where staying at the venue may become uncomfortable for some people.

    Determine how many people will attend the wedding 

    One of the most important factors determining the ideal wedding venue size is the expected number of people at the wedding. These days, most couples arrange card-only weddings, and also request confirmation from people who are invited but who may not be able to attend.

    This way, you will have an accurate number of people who will attend the wedding, and this will in turn help you figure out how much space you will need to accommodate them. To make this easier, you should simplify the process of invited guests sending their RSVPs. Fortunately, advances in technology means that there are many fast and easy ways to do this, including through the use of social media.

    An example of this is when you create a social media account for the wedding, and then make sure that all the people invited to the wedding are members of the account. You can then use this as a portal to easily collect information such as who will attend and who may not be able to do so.

    The activities you plan may influence the ideal venue size 

    The other factor that will influence the size of the venue you should rent is the number of activities you have scheduled. For instance, banquet halls in Etobicoke can be used for the reception, as well as for other types of entertainment such as dancing after the meals. If you have invited entertainers such as a band or encourage the attendees to take part in the dancing, you will need to rent an ideal venue to provide enough space for this.

    Professional help always comes in handy 

    When deciding on what size of venue you should choose, you should consider enlisting the services of a professional to help you along. This could be a wedding planner or even the firm you rent the space from. Once you give them information regarding the nature of the wedding and what you intend to use the space for, they can give you valuable information such as the ideal size and other features you may need to make sure that the wedding is perfect.

    In summary, when planning a wedding and you come to the stage where you have to rent a reception or wedding venue, you should take the issue of space very seriously. Your aim should be to ensure that everyone will be comfortable and that you will be able to conduct all the wedding activities with ease.

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