• Steps To Organise A Birthday party For Your Friend.

    Posted on: 20 April, 2021 in: Blog

    Are you trying to organise a birthday party for your friend? Then do not go unprepared. Organising an event is a great responsibility and when it is for your friend the event should be more than perfect. Birthdays are special occasions for the person as it is once in a year thing that should be celebrated by keeps the likes and dislikes of the birthday boy/girl. It is their day and should be perfect for them, and as you are organising the party, it becomes your responsibility to make that day a memorable one.

    Follow these simple steps to organise a party for your friend on their birthday:


    Decide on the theme of the party beforehand so that all the arrangements can be made, keeping in mind the theme. You can also have a simple party, but themes will add more fun and entertainment. You can ask people to dress according to the theme of the party. Ensure that the theme is based on your friend’s interests and not yours because it is your friend’s special day. You can select the theme based on a movie, character or something unique.

    A to-do list:

    You need to have a to-do list where you can list all the necessary arrangements you need to make before, during and after the party. This list should contain all the details, and once the task on the list is done, keep marking it so you don’t get confused with the unfinished tasks.

    Divide the work among others as well, be it their family members or your other close friends who are going to be a part of this party. This way, you can divide the duties, eventually decreasing your stress because along with this party, you have other priorities to look after. It is always good to have some help when you have such a big responsibility to handle.

    Venue and food:

    Make sure to check with the venue weeks before the event. The venues are usually booked for other people as well, so you have to check with them if they are available on the date. It is better to make a list of venues that will be best for your event so that if your first preference is not available, you can contact others before wasting time.

    Make sure to check the food items that the venue will provide you. Last-minute changes might not be possible as per their policy. Discuss with them the theme so that they can decorate the place accordingly.

    If you are going to organise this party at their home, you will have to start setting up the place before a week.

    Send invites:

    Invites are the most important part, of course, so send the invites a week before. People have to adjust their schedule to attend the party and ask for RSVP to make arrangements accordingly because a lot depends on the number of people attending the party.

    Also, you have to keep in mind the space of the venue and if you think that the venue cannot accommodate the people, then talk to the venue manager so that they can make some arrangements. Again, make a list of the people you will be sending the invites so that you do not miss out on anyone.

    Recheck the list:

    Lists are an essential part of planning an event. So checking the list, again and again, is the only way to do the event right. Recheck the list for the last time before the party and make sure everything on the is has been done and you are ready to be a part of your friend’s memorable day.


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