• Steps On How To Organize The Perfect Prom Night

    Posted on: 24 March, 2017 in: Blog

    Days before prom are usually filled with so much excitement and anxiety as everyone is looking to be at their best during the main event. This is the time to look for that perfect dress or tux, picking the right partner to accompany you and let us not forget picking one of the most unique event venues in Toronto for the prom night. This may seem like a lot to put together within a short time but with proper planning, this is not the case. This article will highlight important tips that you can follow to help you plan for the perfect prom night.

    Put together a committee

    First things first, you need to form a prom planning committee that comprises of 10-15 people. Choose members that you know are reliable and are as equally enthusiastic as you to plan the prom. Ensure that for every activity, you delegate a member who will oversee it to ensure everything runs smoothly. You should then speak to the faculty and present your prom plan for their approval. You should always set and work within a budget to avoid overspending. Leave some cash aside to cater for any last minute expenses that may pop up.

    Pick your date and venue

    The first item the prom planning committee should have on their agenda is setting the prom date. You need to pick a convenient date that will ensure most of your guests will be available. Avoid picking dates when other schools are holding their events. After picking the ideal date, secure a venue for the prom.  The number of guests you plan to invite will determine the size of the hall you pick. Book early an event hall in Toronto to ensure that you get ample time to work on the decoration plans and preparations.

    Pick a theme

    Now this is the fun part when it comes to planning the perfect prom. Your committee needs to come up with a theme for the party and build around it. You can choose to go with the traditional black tie formal or pick a theme that is more festive like the Masquerade Ball or the Carnival Night. There are so many options to choose from as long as all the members of the committee come in agreement. Since it is hard to please everyone, you can carry a simple poll where you give 3-4 theme options to your fellow students and then you can pick the most popular theme.

    Come up with entertainment ideas

    The main purpose of holding a prom is to ensure that everyone haves fun. To be able to do this you carefully need to plan and book your entertainment early enough. The theme you pick for your prom night will set the pace on which entertainment you pick. For music, get a professional DJ or band depending on your choice to ensure that there is quality entertainment to keep everyone busy on the dance floor. To make the event more colorful, you can add other forms of entertainment like getting a photo booth installed or hiring a professional photographer to capture the magical moments as they happen. These are memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

    Come up with a refreshment menu

    Come up with a refreshment menu that will accommodate all your guests’ needs. You need to ensure that there is enough refreshment to last the entire event night. Depending on your budget, you can either hire professional caterers who will provide the drinks and food or you can ask volunteer parents to provide the refreshments.

    Send out invitations

    After all the planning, you can start sending out invitations to the prom. You can advertise the event through T-shirts, emails and posters. To make the event more special, you can print invitation cards that coordinate with the theme of the prom and send to your guests. If you follow the above tips to the letter, you are guaranteed to have the perfect prom night you will live to remember.

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