• Stunning Decor Ideas for your Event

    Posted on: 07 March, 2019 in: Blog

    The most awaited event of your life is near and you want it to go differently? Do you want to impress your invitees? How about some marvelous centerpieces that will leave your invitees in awe? The venue is one of the most important parts of your event but décor is an integral and exciting part of your event too. The color schemes need to be balanced, you have to mix and match the pieces with color so that you can create an appealing ambiance. Charming artifacts on the tabletop or a grand entrance can actually mark you up as a professional in event decoration. Here are a few decoration tips that can help you make your event look magnificent.


    Centerpieces add charm to your event. They make the table-top look nice. The country style event could use a rustic centerpiece while a floral event can have some flower varieties that are in a complementary arrangement. Flowers are most people’s first choice as centerpieces, you can use blooms with ferns to enhance the look but go with your theme, it would be more exciting to use the object D’art related to it.


    Candelabras are usually used in a romantic setup. But it can be a great way to captivate your guest’s attention. It adds a whole dimension of charisma in your party or event. Mostly candelabras are suitable for a wedding event. Not just white but some pastel colored candles on a glass or brass setting can be used. The taller the candle the dramatic the decoration will look. You can also use electric candles to avoid a meltdown.


    The entrance is the first thing that your guests notice. You may as well want it to have a grand one. In modern times a natural and rustic look crafted with flowers and ferns is in trend. The haphazard the decoration the more colorful your arch will look. You can also put these archways on the pedestal behind where the wedding stage is. Chalk out a themed archway that will enthrall your guests right from the entrance itself. 


    Placing lights is an act of intelligence. Lightings light up your event whether it be a wedding or a party or a reception. Use dancing lights to turn the venue into a magnificent palace. Hang chandeliers above the dining tables for a fascinating look. Choose those lights that suits your event as well as budget and lifestyle.


    Along with lighting and flowers, you must take care of draperies. The satin drapes that flows along the ceiling or behind the wedding or event stage bestows a classic look. Match drapes you’re your color scheme and give the whole place an elegant style. Always go for white drapes over velvet drapes. Drapes are especially helpful during winters as it helps to save your event from winter chills.

    Final word, if your venue is grand in the first place then never overdo the décor. Adding more layer will only make it look worse. Leave the decor to create the atmosphere and avert your attention to your tables with floral flourishes in porcelain pots alongside glinting glasses, crisp table linen and table wear polished to perfection. 

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