• Sweet Treats To Serve Your Guests On Your Wedding Day

    Posted on: 21 May, 2017 in: Blog

    For many of us, weddings are one-time events that need a lot of careful planning. During this stage, you have to decide on everything from your wedding dress to the food you will serve for your banquet. Each element that is involved in the plan have other sub-elements that you certainly want fulfilled to the letter.

    Under food, you have to include a lot of things – from appetisers to main dish to desserts. Yes, sweet treats should not be missed out on during the event. Whilst cake has always been a popular choice in the dessert lane, you have to take note that there are yet other great sweet dishes out there that can be served during the occasion. After all, there is no guarantee that all of your guests will be able to get a slice of your wedding cake. You may consider any of the following.

    Cake pops without the stick

    Cake pops have been popular choices as giveaways for a lot of occasions especially birthdays. Well, who says you cannot have the same for your wedding day? The truth is you can elevate it a bit. Remove the stick and order those that come in different shapes and sizes. Bite-size pieces are available too. They can also come in different flavours thus allowing your guests to have a choice.


    You will never go wrong with your choice of a tart to serve in your wedding banquet. The good thing about this treat is it comes in a balance of flavours that will surely delight the tongue of every person attending your special occasion. The crunchy shell perfectly matches the soft and delicate cake-like topping that comes with it. Serve it in platters for every table or you can order customised sizes for individual consumption.


    Eclairs are also getting popular in the world of weddings. The good thing about these sweet treats is you can choose to go simple by just ordering pieces of eclairs with confectioners’ sugar sprinkled on top or be bolder by trying the matcha-flavoured treats that are now so famous with a lot of people. These toppings will definitely complement the filling found in this small yet tasty treats.


    Pretzels may really look so simple but beyond that simplicity that these sweet treats offer, you can make it even more appetising just by ordering and serving those that have been dipped in a favourite pretzel sauce. You can also add some sprinkles on it to spice things up a bit.


    Yet another delectably sweet choice to serve your wedding guests are doughnuts. You can go for honey-glazed doughnuts or for those with sprinkles on top. Fruity, cream-filled doughnuts will also be a great way to balance the sweetness of this dessert. You can order different flavours too if you want depending on the number of guests you are expecting to attend the event.

    Fruity parfaits

    If you want to serve your guests with sweets that will not be too sugary then you can choose to have fruity parfaits on your wedding table. These parfaits can be offered in a variety of sizes too and can be adjusted from sweet to not too sweet. The good thing about parfaits is they can be served no matter what time of the day you are celebrating the occasion.

    These sweet treats are definitely great alternatives to the usual cake that has been served in many wedding banquets in the past. It will be cool to choose a treat that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife love and make sure that they will fit the festive style of your choice from amongst the many wedding reception venues in Toronto.

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