• Things to Consider When Planning Your Engagement Party

    Posted on: 15 August, 2019 in: Blog

    Have you recently got engaged? If so, congratulations to you and your fiancé! Now that you’ve got a brand new sparkly ring on your hand, it’s time to share this exciting news with the world. Engagement is the momentous occasion for couples as it marks the beginning of their new journey.

    An engagement party is a perfect way to announce and celebrate this huge change in your relationship and kick off the wedding festivities. It gives you the ideal opportunity to get all your family and friends together ahead of the wedding. Your engagement party will not only celebrate this milestone in your life but may also help in breaking the ice between the two families. But an engagement party is fun only if planned in the right way. So are you wondering how to plan a memorable engagement party?

    Planning such an important party takes time and consideration. You may either go for a classic engagement party or think of something unique. But no matter what style of engagement party you’re thinking of, there are some essential things to consider while planning any party. There are some key considerations that you just can’t avoid such as date, guest list, venue, invitations, and menu. To help you plan the most amazing pre-wedding bash, we’ve listed the top things you must consider when planning an engagement party.

    Determine the Budget

    Once you’ve figured out who’ll host the party and have set the date, it’s time to determine the budget.  Depending on whether you want a low-key event or a big one, first setting a budget is always a good idea. This budget will guide you throughout the planning process. Your guests’ list, venue, decoration, and menu- everything will depend on your budget.

    Guest List

    Next step is to create a guest list of both the bride and groom to be. This list should be prepared carefully because the number of your guests will determine the size of the venue you choose. While preparing a guest list you should remember that the guests who are invited to your engagement party will also expect your wedding invitation. Also, you should consider whether you’ll send out invitations or will a Facebook/WhatsApp invite would suffice.

    Choose a Venue

    One of the biggest planning decisions is selecting the most appropriate engagement venue. Whether it’s a big or small party or a formal or informal gathering, the venue must be booked in advance. The venue should be accessible to your guest with transportation facility. Also, it must be spacious and have parking facility. The ideal engagement venue will allow you multiple options to decorate the space and get the theme you’re looking for.

    The Menu

    The most memorable part of any party is the food you serve to the guests. For an engagement party, you may decide not to have a five-course meal. You can go for a family-style buffet or casual cookout. The menu you select totally depends on the type of party you’re planning.  As for dessert, choose a cake flavor that is a favorite of both the future bride and groom.


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