• Things Corporate Event Planners Expect from Modern Venue

    Posted on: 06 May, 2020 in: Blog

    When it comes to planning an event, finding an appropriate venue for hosting it is the biggest consideration. Being an event planner, you must explore different places and select the one convenient for all the guests. Besides, the venue must fulfil your wants required for the event.

    When searching for a venue, the event planners must ensure that it supports a great event and delegate experience that leads to a lasting impact on the attendees.

    As you consider your venue options, incorporate those venues in your list who conduct corporate events and business meetings. Corporate event venue owners must design their place in a way that meets the demands of most of the corporate sectors so that the conference, meetings and events are carried out peacefully.

    To select the right venue, it is important that you connect with the venue’s team and discuss various points that make an excellent delegate experience. However, here are some key points that corporate event planners expect from modern venues-


    1) The versatility of the Place-

    The versatility of the place and adaptability of the staff will help you to configure which room is suitable to conduct the business. Looking at the agenda planned for the day; you would want a diverse space that could accommodate numerous session types like conference, business meeting, award shows, workshops and trade shows in minimal budget, time and work.


    Spaces like column-free halls, studio kitchens, smaller breakout rooms and ballrooms with ample of natural or artificial light and extensive seating are just a few features a venue must offer to execute the plan.


    2) Assimilating Technology- 

    A corporate event is nothing without technology since the attendees would need a seamless Wi-Fi experience, available in multiple rooms for multiple devices to be used at the same time. Book a venue that can take care of group Wi-Fi services, custom networking solutions and built-in video broadcast systems.

    Remember that the attendees present in the meeting are tech-savvy and they want a high powered digital system arrangement to stay connected and to operate their laptops, tablets, smartphones efficiently. Smallest of the things must be checked, including the plugins, wiring, mic-setting and displaying screens for the continued functioning.


    3) Providing Signs and Staff-

    A reputed venue must have a courteous staff to maintain the place and be present to take orders and fulfil the needs of guests. The team must be able to help the delegates by placing signboards to guide attendees towards the event.

    The last thing a planner wants is that his guests are not wandering around aimlessly in the hotel lobby. Therefore, digital signs and screens must be placed outside each room to direct the guests where they need to be.


    4) A flexible Menu-

    The attendees will come from various places and have varied food choices. Make sure the venue owners offer flexible menu choices and at the most the option to custom your menu. From vegan to vegetarian, to gluten-free and other sensitivities and dietary considerations, the venues must be able to incorporate the needs of various delegates without compromising the taste.


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