• Things To Think About When Choosing a Birthday Venue

    Posted on: 30 August, 2022 in: Blog

    Things To Think About When Choosing a Birthday Venue

    Many decisions must be made when organizing a birthday party, but selecting the right venue and location is the one that will have the greatest impact on your party. Everything from the date of the party, speaker lineups, catering options, and the experience of the attendees is dependent on the event venue and location you choose.

    1. Parking

    A venue’s parking lot is the stuff of dreams. If this is not feasible, see if there are any accessible parking lots in the area. If there is not any parking available, you still have options. You can reserve nearby parking lots for your guests and either charges them when they park or include the cost in the ticket price. You can also check out Uber and Ola’s event discounts. You can work with them to make this happen and give your attendees the promo code.

    2. Acoustics

    Have you ever been to an event where it was difficult to hear others, causing you to strain your hearing and lose your voice all in one night? This is frequently caused by poor acoustics, or how sound travels through the venue. A low ceiling will make the venue appear cozy, but it will be louder if it is full. A large warehouse-style venue, on the other hand, will produce echoes, or what architects call “reverberation”

    Although acoustics will not necessarily make or break your venue choice, there are some things you can do to improve them, such as using patios outside the venue. This is more relevant if you are planning to hire people to perform or play music for the birthday party.

    3. Accessibility and Ambiance

    Pay close attention to the venue’s existing decor. What architectural style is the building, and what message does the interior convey? You will probably need different venue accommodations for a birthday party than you would for an expo. The less the ambiance matches the desired mood of your event, the more decorating you will have to do to compensate.

    The possibility that everyone, especially those with special needs, can access the building and its amenities is referred to as accessibility. You must first understand who your attendees are and what their needs are before you can answer this question.

    Depending on whose birthday it is, there might be children at your event, but you may not know if there will be people with other special needs. In this case, reviewing recent events hosted by your organization may provide some insight.

    4. Minimums and Capacity

    You will need to know the venue’s room capacity for a few reasons. Second, there are fire and safety codes that the venue must follow.

    If your venue provides food and/or beverages and has a minimum food and beverage spending amount, make sure that previous event food and beverage records are in line with the minimum. If you estimate spending much more than what the venue requires, it means you would be a good customer for them. Negotiate whether they will provide a complimentary service (e.g., upgraded Wi-Fi or A/V support) in exchange for a certain level of spending.

    5. Amenities and Services

    Is there a kitchen at the venue, and can it provide catering for your event? Venues without kitchens may have a partnership with a food provider that you must use, so you should check their food ahead of time. For the best attendee experience, choose a venue that serves great food or allows you to bring in outside food vendors.

    If a venue provides tables, chairs, and linens, you can save a lot of money and time by using what they have, assuming it matches your theme and ambiance.


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