• Tips to Choose The Right Venue For Wedding Reception

    Posted on: 06 February, 2020 in: Blog

    Every decision you make while planning your wedding is significant. A single wrong choice can spoil the joy of the entire wedding. Among different wedding-related selections, the toughest decision is to choose a perfect venue for the wedding ceremony and reception as well. The venue has to be the best in all the senses, whether it is food, decoration, parking facility, or location.


    Furthermore, many couples these days prefer arranging a grand wedding reception party instead of organizing different ceremonies at different venues. They find it more convenient and budget friendly. And when you both are planning to go for reception only, then it has to be the most entertaining and mirthful.


    To make your wedding reception memorable for yourself as well for your guests, select a venue perfect in all aspects. The following are a few of the valuable tips that will help you in choosing the right venue.


    #1. Prepare your guest list – Before selecting the venue for the reception, the first thing you need to do is to prepare the guest list. It will be really helpful in choosing the venue of the right size. Going with a too-large place will make the environment dull, and if it is too small, your guests will feel suffocated and uncomfortable.


    When you have the guest list in your hand, the venue owner can efficiently provide you with the best options he has.


    #2. Set your budget – The next thing that you need to know before picking any venue is to set the budget. Selecting the venue and knowing that it is not in your budget will be heart-wrenching. After deciding on the budget, check the banquet halls available within your range.


    #3. Consider the location – It is imperative to review the location of the venue so that your guests don’t feel any difficulty in reaching your reception party. Make sure that the venue is not far away from the city. Otherwise, the chances are there that guests will not attend your wedding reception.


    #4. Check the parking facility – Parking is the most critical factor that you need to consider when selecting the venue for the wedding reception. It should not be overlooked in any way. Ensure that there is enough space for parking so that your guests are not worried about their car when attending the reception. Your guest count will help you in knowing if the parking facility is enough or not.


    #5. Don’t forget food and beverage – Any event is incomplete without sumptuous and gratifying food and drinks. Poor quality food can destroy every other arrangement you invested in. So, the quality of eatables and beverages should not be compromised in any way.


    Check out the food options available and try the samples of their special dishes. Consider your guest’s likes and dislikes before finalizing the menu. Be very particular while making selections of what will be served at your wedding reception. If possible, ask the venue owner to invite you to the upcoming event, so that you can have an idea of overall arrangements.

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